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Varenna, Lake Como


                                                                                                        I T A L Y   




Artist’s house                    cm 30x60     12" x 24"


Balcony on Lake Como      cm30x40     12" x 16"





Bright echoes                                                                                               cm60x120    16"x32"



"...Every day new challenges and new explorations: this in essence the guide-line of an open-air impressionist.   The  commitment is to possibly capture, in terms of a fast impression, the fugitive  moments of a day and a place..."





I Corni di Canzo                                                                         cm50x100  20"x40"




Chicago Bridge    



Chicago river landscape               cm50x60  20"x24"






Corn and poppies on a hill-side                                                                                      cm 60x120        24” x 48”





Field of violet flowers                                                                       cm40x80     16” x 32”








Geraniums                                           cm35x45    14"x  18"












House on Lake Como                                                                       cm 40x100   16” x 39”










Imperia: an ancient mediterranean town                                                                                          cm40x120   16"x48"








A Lake Como Beach                                                                        cm78x104    30”x40” 

"...Every day  differs from another.  There are continuos changes of  light and shadow. Through a fast working session one must try to convey the rendering of a situation, the spirit of a place and relate it all to the uniqueness of the moment."




   Garden steps                         cm50x100  20"x40"



Kyoto Spring       cm25x60  10"x24"




Lake Segrino's water-lillies                                       cm40x80   16"x32"






Light-house, Lake Michigan  cm30x40    12"x 16"







Ligurian nocturne                                                                                         cm15x40  6"x16"








Loading before departure                                                          cm30x80    12"x 32"





Marshall Fields, Chicago              cm60x40    23"1\2x 16" 





The Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia                                                                                                      cm50x120    20"x 48"





                                                                            mimosa                                                                                                   cm40x100  8"x40"






Modern-old contrasts                                                                          cm40x80    16"x 32"







Morning on the lake                                                                          cm 50x120   19”x 47”








Mountain in still waters                                                                                              cm40x80    16"x 32"







Mountain view-point of Lake Como                                                                                             cm60x120   24"x48"





 My old kitchen                                                                   cm40x70  16"x27" 





Nocturne interior                                                       cm40x50    16"x 20"





Old  abandoned freight-trains                                                                       cm50x100   20"x40"




Oak tree and pond     cm40x80 16"x32"



Old Chicago police station                           cm30x40   12"x16"






Passing clouds,Yorkshire                                           cm20x60  8"x24"






Poppies near Verona                                                                            cm60x120  24"x48"




Persimmons on blue                                                         cm50x100   20"x 39"








Railway intersections, Chicago                                          cm40x80  16"x32"









River estuary, Tuscany                                                                 cm  60 x 120   24" x 48"






Road through gorse and olive trees, Tuscany                         cm 40x80        16” x 32”  





Roccastrada, Tuscany                                                         cm40x100   16"x40"







Seaport Nocturne, Liguria                                                           cm30x70    12"x 27"1\2






Ship on turquoise-emerald                                                                                       cm25x60    10"x 23"1\2







Still-life on a shelf                                                                              cm30x80    12"x 32"







Still-life on a table                                                           cm40x80   16"x32" 







 Still-life with bottles and ceramics                           cm40x50  16"x20" 






Strawberries                                            cm13x18    5"x 7"





Sunflowers                                                                                        cm 50 x120   19” x 47”









Sunny Tuscan planes                                                                                                                     cm 30 x 80    12” x 32”





Swiss glacier near St.Moritz                                                        cm40x70    16"x 27"1\2


...."In the studio, the freshness of the impression would surrender to the concept . The intent is to keep poorly outlined the idea of interpretation, allowing the pattern of  colours to express to the viewer the "impact" of a scene."






Three pine trees, Tuscany                                                  cm50x60  20"x24"









Tuscan farm                                                                                       cm 30 x 70    12” x 27”








Tuscany by the sea                                                                              cm30x80    12"x 32"







Villa Cipressi, windy day                                                               cm50x100   20"x40"






Villa Melzi, Lake Como                                                                cm 40 x 70     16” x 27”







Villas and gardens on the lake                                                                             cm50x100   20"x 39"





The Wanderers path along Lake Como                                                                                           cm50x120   20"x 48"



" I hardly ever return, to the same spot to finish or continue a painting: everything needs to be conceived, painted and finished in  few given hours. "



Water lillies and lotus          cm 40x80    16” x 32”




Professional Artist since the age of 16 (exclusively) 


Born in London in 1956 to  renown Italian  artists: Bruno Guaitamacchi, painter, and Magda ,sculptor and ceramist.

His brothers Luca and Jonathan are  successful painters.


Studies:    Liceo Artistico di Brera, Milano

                   Accademia Delle Belle Arti di Brera, Milano



Gallery\exhibitions :


-Galleria Bolzani, Milano.

-Galleria Cŕ D'Oro, Vicenza

-Galleria "Incontro", Verona

-Galleria "alRitrovo", Cernusco Lombardone.

-"La Galeria", Stuttgart, Germany.  

-Gallery "34", Skipton, Yorkshire.

-Highgate Fine Arts, London.

-Centro Culturale Rosetum, Milano.

 -Chiesa Bianca, St.Moritz, Switzerland. 

-"Valentinarte", Bellagio, Lake Como.

-Galleria d'arte Carla Guarneri, Milano, Gorgonzola.

-"Signature of Art", Glencoe, Illinois (Chicago Northshore).                        

One man and collective exhibitions have been held invarious art galleries, historical sites, theaters, hotels,banks, art-dealers or by the artist personally.





..."A painting is always an interpretation, but having stated this, the research for the “visible concreteness of a significant moment” is for me the only exciting  direction  possible .   The implication is that in the “open” all the prejudice settings of how we perceive the world  are deeply questioned  and colour seems to carry the chance to view thimgs in other possible ways...

While working I may refer to different styles and use what I most like or may be useful: impressionism, French or Italian; English and Dutch landscape traditions just to mention a few. Also expressionist elements and even the more recent texture experiences in painting may be implied for rendering the experience of a day, of "those" hours and the place chosen (or encountered) for realizing the work.

I have  been described “Classical”, but I know that the direct relation with the subjects, a modern colour sensitivity, and the unevitable changes in the landscape itself, result in a mirrored reality that consequently reflects our time.

It is very satisfying to know that there is appreciation now in many countries. Many people have acknowledged how my paintings have slightly modified or sometimes reinforced their way of perceiving places, seasons and colours. I believe that, after all, this may result in a contribution for a new sensitivity for the world, and specially for Nature. "  


                                            Paul DEMARIA

                                  & Melita Lendway 




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