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June 9, 2021 - NEWS

As we patiently wait for the Covid Vaccine Rollout to sufficiently reduce “the numbers” worldwide so the borders can fully open, Paolo is continuing to work on his new collection of paintings from this past year that will be debuted soon here on our website. 

The date for the “online launch” is yet to be determined.  Like most painters, Paolo loves to start new paintings.  It’s the “finishing” part that presents the biggest challenge!

In the meantime, the weather on Lake Como is lovely and the gallery in Varenna is open for the summer season and I’ve just updated our client testimonials here on our website.  Check them out.  We now have 244 client testimonials that span the years 1999 to present.  As I re-read them myself, I am humbly reminded that we truly have the most amazing clients in the world.

For now, we are hoping you are safe and sound and that we will (somehow) see you soon.


Melita (& Paolo)

(P.S.)  For the most “official” and up-to-date information about Travelling to Italy, go to the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs website.  Scroll down to NEWS and click “Find out more here”. 


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