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Paul DEMARIA Guaitamacchi

The Open Lake & Landscape Studio d’Arte

American (Home) Studio

    Evanston, Illinois   U.S.A.

    cell / WhatsApp +1 (773) 817-1415     Melita Lendway

Italian Studio (Lake Como)

    Contrada del Prato, 6 (zona piazza / chiesa)

    Varenna, Italy (Lake Como)

    cell / WhatsApp +39 335 608 6530     Paul Demaria Guaitamacchi

    cell / WhatsApp +39 338 578 2426     Melita Lendway 

mid OCT (ottobre) 2021 - end MAR (marzo) 2022:

    Open by appointment only

    (aperto previo appuntamento)

APR (aprile) 2022 - OCT (ottobre) 2022:

    Open afternoons & evenings until 7:00pm

    (aperto il pomeriggio fino alle 19,00)

    Mornings by appointment

    (mattina aperto previo appuntamento)          


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             Paul Demaria Guaitamacchi

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currently available paintings.


Because image resolution and coloring varies from viewing device to viewing device,

feel free to request that an individual image of a particular painting be sent to you.


Most available paintings include a hand-treated frame made in Florence, Italy.

In many cases, painting commissions are available.


Please contact us for more information.


the Open Lake & Landscape
studio d’arte