While Paolo’s many Italian collectors provide their comments “in person” while in our Art Studio space in Varenna (on Lake Como) or while attending Paolo’s various Italian exhibitions, the below testimonials are excerpts from "unsolicited" emails that we’ve received since 1999 from clients we work with from all around the world.  

Each testimonial is published with the explicit permission of our clients and with our profound gratitude.

Melita & Paolo

- 2022 -

Working with Melita and Paolo was a delightful and educational experience in acquiring our first professional oil painting.  They kept in touch every step of the way during the planning and creation of our painting.  Our European trip ended in Lake Como, Italy.  We were sorry time did not allow to purchase a painting of the beautiful lake view.  We had taken snapshots from the top of our hotel, directly across from the lake.  After returning home, Anna found Paolo’s website and we viewed his extraordinary and versatile talent.  To make a long story short, Paolo created a beautiful painting based on our specifications.  What a special memory to now have the painting "Veduta del Lario dall’ Hilton di Como”.  We so appreciate being able to meet them virtually to plan our view of the lake that began with these photos from the top of our hotel. Our painting arrived very swiftly and in perfect condition in a beautiful frame and now resides over our fireplace to remind us of a special memory.

Anna & Bill
Kentucky / USA / 2022

- 2021 -

Good Morning, Melita (& Paolo).  The paintings arrived in perfect condition, as always.  They are all beautiful.  They are up in the dining room.  I am sending you two photos to view.  Thanks once more,

Texas / USA / 2021

Hi Paolo.  I wanted to contact you directly to let you know that we received "Lo Spuntino" today.  It arrived this morning and we immediately hung it up It looks wonderful, as you can see!  It's truly beautiful and reflects your talent and skillThank you so much for creating it for us.  We love it and are enjoying it very much!

Eve & Steve
Ohio / USA / 2021

They arrived!  THE PAINTINGS ARE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!  They arrived in perfect condition thanks to Paolo’s expert packing!  We cannot wait to frame the harvest scene for our bedroom.  The brightness is just gorgeous in our room.  It will truly be a joy to wake up to everyday!  And we cannot say enough about the Florentine Balcony!  It truly captures the essence of that little spot at the Firenze Number Nine on our first trip to Italy in 2017.  For Paolo to be able to paint us something so special is remarkable.  We will treasure it always.  And Melita, your guidance and updates were so very important in helping us feel comfortable every step of the way.  Thank you for your friendship.  We look forward to spending time together again in Varenna....fingers crossed it is sooner rather than later!  Our gratitude and warmest regards to you both,

MaryLou & Doug
Pennsylvania / USA / 2021

- 2020 -

To our friends, Paolo and Melita, it has been many years since we found you, Paolo, in Bobbio, Italy.  In 1999 we acquired our first eight Demaria paintings, so this last one is our ninth.  Twenty-one years later you have produced this incredibly beautiful scene of the lakeside restaurants and boat launch of VarennaIt is truly a breathtaking piece.  Thank you for all the beauty and happiness that you have brought to our lives.  Vi vogliamo bene.

Leo & Kathy
California / USA / 2020

Dear Melita & Paolo, what can we say other than WOW….the paintings are even more amazing ‘in the flesh’cannot wait to hang them at the weekend…will send photos when that is done!  Many thanks and very best wishes to you both,

Sara & Bobby
Glasgow / Scotland / 2020

Cara Melita, the painting came today Kevin has just undone the excellent packingWe both love the painting and the magic of the scene.  We love you and Paolo.  Please tell Paolo how pleased we are.  Baci e abbracci,

Ned & Kevin
Illinois / USA / 2020

Ciao, I am now the grateful caretaker of 11 of Magdas pieces and 14 of paolo's paintingsLiving in an old farm house in new england, when I see these pieces, they take me right back to lake como.  Not only that, but paolo's paintings act as a porthole to real locations that I have not been lucky enough to have visited. This is especially true when his painting captures a moment of stunning beauty in say kyoto, the loire valley, the english countryside or italy.  He knows where to be at such moments from a lifetime of travel and painting.  It makes it even better that I get to go to these vistas even in the middle of winter, from a comfortable chair with a tea, when my gardens are past.  My 18 year old son also loves these treasures of magda and paolo.  Thank you for enriching our everyday lives.

Massachusetts / USA / 2020

Earlier this summer you helped our friends surprise us with one of Paolo's wonderful paintings of VarennaWe appreciated you conspiring with them to surprise us - it brought together wonderful memories of our friendship with them, our love for Lake Como, and how much we have enjoyed visiting your shop.  We are sending you our best for a wonderful holiday season in what has been the most difficult of years, and hope you are both safe and well.  Happy Holidays,

Tim & Shannon
Massachusetts / USA / 2020

It Arrived!!!  Beautiful piece!  Thank you.

Bruce & Rebecca
London / United Kingdom / 2020

It is here!!!  We love it in person even more!!  Thanks so very much Melita and Paolo!  We are trying to decide where to hang it right now— wonderful memories of both of you and Varenna (:  Love,

Linda & Pete
Ohio / USA / 2020

When Mariam came home, I had already unpacked the painting.  When she saw it, she got a big smile on her faceDefinitely better than advertised. We decided to put it on the wall underneath our staircase, which is opposite to where our first Varenna painting is.  We sometimes call our dining room our "art museum,"  We decided to put this painting in the common hallway where there's lots of light.   So, everything looks great :-)   I attached some pictures below I hope you enjoy them too.  Thank you both again so much!  And continue to keep us posted when new artwork is posted.  (We do have a lot of fond memories of Chicago, which is why I tried convincing her to also get a Chicago painting from you, but so far no luck.)

Michael & Mariam
Florida / USA / 2020

Wow!  Arrived today!  I love the 3 I have, but I think this is the one.  It is amazing!  My only wish was that it was three feet wider and 4 feet longer.  GOREGEOUS.  I now have brought home the Varenna one to the house as my office has no more space….Wife doesn’t know about this one, but I know she will love it when she sees it….It is beyond what I expected and is AWESOME.  Now I’m thinking about a big, big, big one…………..need to find the space but I have an idea…………..

Alex & Nancy
Washington State / USA / 2020

The painting has arrived and is glorious!  Eve says that Paolo has an amazing technique for painting light - she's right.  It is proudly hanging in our living room.  Hope that your holidays are happy.  Thank you for your help and the quick delivery.  We will treasure it.  Regards,

Karen & Mike
Ohio / USA / 2020

Please do keep in touch with us.  If we had more space, I would buy lots of Paolo’s paintings.  They really are quite the most lovely I have come across in a while.   Take care.  All the best,

Penny & Michael
Oxfordshire / United Kingdom / 2020

It’s here! Could not be better!  Thank you so much!  It is beautiful indeed!  It is so much more than we were trying to describe to you and imagined.  Amazing!  We love the soul of Sault and all the environs around there and it is such a thoughtful view of somewhere where one might be riding their bicycle or just as well enjoying the view.  Absolutely wonderful.  Thank you, thank you!   It completes our family dining room in a very special way.

Ed & Elizabeth
Colorado / USA / 2020

OMG we LOVE it!!  It is gorgeous...beyond beautifulLouis's exact comment was 'holy sh*t, he is so talented!  We have had an open space on the wall in our new home reserved for the painting!!!  Everyone should know how much we love our painting.  Yesterday I was having a hard day mentally and was laying on the couch staring at the painting and imagining being in a better place and time, it was helpful!  Thank you again so, so, so much!

Beth & Louis / Gail & Matt
Illinois / USA / 2020

Hello.  Yesterday we’ve received the wonderful painting.  Took me some time to open the package (as you’ve done a really safe packaging, thanks for that).  We’re so proud to have now this painting in our home.  We’ve asked our daugther which painting she prefers (between Bernina and Norfolk) and she was looking around and said "both“.  Thanks for everything and maybe we will go for a longer weekend again to your region spring/summertime and probably visit your gallery. Kind regards.

Roberto & Denise
Switzerland / 2020

Just letting you know that I have received the paintingMany thanks.  You’re so lucky to live in that beautiful part of the world.  It’s funny how you can feel a strong connection with a place, even though my father left Italy in 1948 at the age of 18, Italy feels like home to meI hope to meet you both one day.....maybe next time we travel there.  Best wishes.

South Australia / Australia / 2020

- 2019 -

Our painting arrived this morning and it is beautiful; we both love it and it is hanging in the Kitchen.  The frame is perfect also and it is like a window into Italy in our Kitchen; brightens the room upThanks again on the effort to get it to us for Xmas day.  We will be sure to drop in to say 'Ciao' next time in Varenna (we might bring the kids next time).  Regards.

Louise & Liam
Dublin / Ireland / 2019

We are enjoying our paintings and glad to have good memories of you, Paolo and Lake Como when we look at them.  Best Regards.

Tim & Shannon
London / United Kingdom / 2019

Ciao from CA.  Our FedEx arrival is here and the wrapping looks great as always.  What a perfect treat for a Monday morning.  I'll wait for Goods to come home from work for the traditional unwrapping together.  Can't wait to see it again. We'll send a pic when it finds its space here with us.  We are trying to decide the perfect location for our new "Paolo".  It is more gorgeous than we even imagined... seriously!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend in the most beautiful place on earth.

Suzanne & David
California / USA / 2019

The eagle landed!!  We received the painting in perfect condition.  We are moving paintings around as I write.  The painting is breathtaking.  I absolutely LOVE it.  I actually had not bought myself anything for my birthday the last couple of years because I hadn’t found anything that I HAD to have.  I’m so glad Paolo listened to Magda and brought the painting to her studio.  Please tell Paolo that my painting is a great source of happiness.   It’s the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing when I go to sleep.  The painting hangs by my side of the bed.  Thanks for everything.

Nora & John
Texas / USA / 2019

Hello to you both.  Just to let you know that the picture arrived at the beginning of the week and is quite happy hanging on the wall.  Regards.

Maura & Neil
Munich / USA / 2019

Just thinking of you both today!  Hope you and Paolo are well.  We are in the mountains this weekend and seeing your two beautiful paintings prompted me to send you a hello.  The paintings look wonderful.  The beauty of his work brightens our days.  Hope, beauty and passion inspires us to look deep within our souls and reminds us of what is important.  He gives us that reminder when studying his work.  Grazie mille!!  We will look forward to seeing Paolo’s new work on line.  I too, hope it’s not another 10 years before we return.   We know where to find you.  Stay well and hugs from Oregon.

Lisa & David
Oregon / USA / 2019

We received it and it’s beautiful!  Thanks so much!!!  We’re glad others were able to see our painting in your studio since it is truly spectacular!  Hopefully it generated more interest in work from Paolo.  Now we are back settling into life after the rush of our wonderful wedding and honeymoonThank you, again, for such a wonderful event and for our amazing painting to commemorate such an important day in our lives! The wedding was perfect.  We hope to see you all again for celebrating an anniversary :)

Jeff & Sarah
California / USA / 2019

The painting has arrived!  I am happy and I‘m sure that Christian will be happy as well.  The yellow colour now is a little less bright and just perfect!  Our boys are at home for the weekend and are also happy with our new painting.  Paolo you did a great job - we love your painting!  We are looking forward to finding the right place in our home.  It was a pleasure having lunch together and to talk to eachother.  Thank you.  We’ll stay in touch!  With warmest regards.

Iris & Christian
Konigstein / Germany / 2019

It has arrived!  WE LOVE THE PAINTING!  We are blown away.  It looks even better in personIncredible...we are both speechless at your work, Paolo.  While I know we will see you both again soon, I am sure we will have more of Paolo's work in our home in the future.  This has been an incredibly special experience for us.  I know we will be back to the Lake many times - and we are so lucky to have this painting to remind us every day!  Thank you!  Start to finish, you have both been excellent to work with.  And Paolo, thank you for your note.  We appreciate your perspective and insights into the painting.  We are so fortunate to have walked into your gallery last year.   We are lucky you agreed to paint our special day.  In the future, we hope to commission another painting - perhaps at Stadio Sinigaglia...but without people ;)  Thank you very much again.

Chris & Steph
New York / New York / 2019

Believe it or not the painting arrived this afternoon!  I am amazed at the efficiency of Fedex.  It arrived in great shape and is currently hanging in our dining room with the painting of Mont Ventoux.  By the way, did you receive my email with the paintings we purchased years ago?

Paul & Carolyn
Ontario / Canada / 2019

Hello again, well you’re not wrong about FedEx being quick.  I checked this morning and it was scheduled for 6pm tomorrow but came home from the gym to find the neighbour had taken it in half an hour previously!  I haven’t yet opened it but shall assume all is fine - it looks very well wrapped.  Thanks again ever so much.  It was great to see Paolo again, just such a shame we were in such a rush as usual and that we caught him at the end of the day.  Wonderful to see the exhibition.  We're next planning to go for a few weeks in the summer so with any luck we shall be stopping by Varenna and see you in the gallery - I should be able to give you a bit more notice that we're coming this time! 

Alison & Ivano
Surrey / United Kingdom / 2019

I’m so excited, we have just picked up the package from the FedEx office and very carefully unpacked the paintingIt’s amazing!  Such beauty and tranquility in our home.  Thank you so much!  Please pass on our greatest thanks and appreciation to Paolo.  Lovely Lago di Como and our trip to Italy will remain vivid in our memory, enjoying this wonderful piece of art every single day.  Best regards.  

Yael & Ariel
Pennsylvania / USA / 2019

We received the painting last Thursday in good condition.  We really enjoyed our time in Italy and this will be a wonderful reminder of our family trip.  We hope to hang it over the fireplace or somewhere out of the sunlight in the lounge.  Thank you for hospitality.

Victoria & Will
Bristol / Untied Kingdom / 2019

Hi there - we received the painting and are thrilled! Thank you so much. We have already told many people back home about our evening at your gallery - one to remember! I’ve installed a new light for the painting, and we’ve hung it in the very center of our home, so that everyone gets to see it each and every day. Can’t wait to get back to Lake Como and your gallery soon!

Paul & Kerrie
Texas / USA / 2019

Hello!  All arrived safe and sound.  We love it - and it fits into our room very well It will be our most treasured reminder from our Italian adventure.  Thank you!  We would like to return to the lake… perhaps you should visit us too.  All the best to you two.

Rodney & Rachel
Washington / USA / 2019

Great news!  The paintings arrived this morning and are in wonderful shape.  Thank you for making it all work with so much ease.  Thank you for your kindness and please do consider a trip to either Hawaii or Colorado.  Both are special in their own way.

Scott & Karen
Colorado / USA / 2019

The painting arrived this morning.  It is beautiful.  I am so excited to find the perfect spot for it.  Thank you so much!

North Carolina / USA / 2019

Hi - we received our beautiful painting!!  We love it!!  What a beautiful place Lake Como is - we will be back to Lake Como and look forward to meeting Paolo next time.  Thank you again for your kindness.

Shelley & David
North Carolina / USA / 2019

You were right about things moving fast.  FedEx website said delivery date was Friday but they actually tried Thursday.  We finally got it last night.  We unpacked it together, Mariam wanted to film me opening it but I wanted us to both see it at the same time.  It is just beautiful!  Mariam and I hugged while looking at it.  It completes our dining room perfectly.  I think Mariam and I almost cried looking at the little versions of ourselves. This is just a coincidence, but Mariam and I celebrate two anniversaries every year:  Our wedding anniversary in May, but the one more dear to our hearts is the anniversary of our first date, which was September 6th.  I got to show Mariam the picture of our painting on our 5-year first-date anniversary.  It is perfect :)  We are so thankful and appreciative you have blessed us with this gift.

Michael & Mariam
Florida / USA / 2019

They have arrived and in great shape.  The packaging was amazing!  Thank you for all your amazing communication and helping getting these beautiful pieces to us that we will cherish forever!  We had a very nice time with Paolo.  We enjoy getting to know the artists which I believe makes the paintings even more special.

Michael & Jasmine
New Hampshire / USA / 2019

Paintings arrived today.  We love them!  We are so excited!  We look forward to surprising Janice and Bob [with their painting] after keeping it secret for 6 months, and telling the story of visiting the gallery for years to come.

Jim & Theresa
Georgia / USA / 2019

I do love my painting...Beautiful !!  I have placed it in my living room.  It is lovely!  A wonderful memory.   Hope to return!  Thank you so much for your care.  Best wishes from Bob and me...a lovely year to you both!

Jane & Bob
Minnesota / USA / 2019

It’s here and even more beautiful than I expected!  Thank you so much!  I think part of the draw for me was that the light highlights the diamond topped building which has always been a favorite of mine.  That and the green glass building on the bend of the Chicago River.  Fondly.

Indiana / USA / 2019

We just love it and it will always remind us of Lake Como and our time in Varenna.  Hope to get back there some day!

Minnesota / USA / 2019

We just received our paintings and have unpacked them!  They are as beautiful as we remembered.  We will send pictures when we get them up in our new home so you can see them. Thank you again.

Kathleen & David
Alabama / USA / 2019

We received the painting in excellent condition on Friday.  I was out so we opened it this weekend and we are very happy with the completed painting.   Thank you again and now we just need to decide the proper location for it in our home.  Best wishes.

Garth & Michelle
California / USA / 2019

I am delighted to tell you that the painting arrived safely today.  Your packing was very secure.  It looks just as good in my house among my collection as I remember it in the studio.  It was a pleasure for Barb and me to meet you both and I hope we will meet again sometime in the future. Kind regards.

David & Barb
Victoria / Australia / 2019

We have received the painting safely!  We love it.  It’s striking and exactly what we hoped for.  Tonight we have put the painting on the wall on its promised place.  We are so happy.  We want to thank you so much.  You have made such a beautiful painting for us.  Enjoy the Holidays and we hope to see you again another time.  Best regards.

Marie-Jeanne & Dennis
The Netherlands / 2019

It was great meeting you and learning about Paolo’s beautiful work.  The painting will always be a wonderful reminder of our visit to Lake Como. We have it proudly displayed in our home.  All the best.

Bill & Tara
Texas / USA / 2019

Our painting arrived safely on Friday and has been unpacked but not yet hung.  I will send you a photo once it’s in place but it’s exactly what I envisioned.  All the best.

South Carolina / USA / 2019

We have recieved the painting.  Thank you so much for all of your help and we're already looking forward to planning our next trip to beautiful Lake Como and Varenna!

Colleen & Norm
California / USA / 2019

- 2018 -

It is so nice to hear from you.  Andrée and I had a fantastic time visiting Paolo's mother in Bellagio.  I ended up buying a mug (which I'm using at this very moment -while staring at your husband's beautiful art that I've not yet decided where to hang to get the most enjoyment out of it) and a gorgeous vase.  I throughly love her use of blue glazes.  And the hay bales are gorgeous!  We originally wanted a hay bale piece to give to my parents, but Jay is quite taken with it, so it might stay with us :)  Whether it stays with us, or ends up in Alaska at my parents' new  home can be decided another dayMeeting you, Paolo and his mother, Magda really was just about the utmost highlight of our trip. Hopefully we will make another trip out that way.

Shannon & Jason
Gindorf / Germany / 2018

Greetings from sunny (for once) Glasgow, and trust you are both well.  We are in receipt of the wonderful paintings that bring back fond memories of meeting you both last month.  We have unpacked them just now and hung both carefully and I attach a couple of photographs showing 'in situ'.  They are truly stunning, thank you!  Kind regards.

Sara & Bobby
Glasgow / Scotland / 2018

What a wonderful Christmas gift!  Both paintings arrived with no problems.  I love them.  You both have made my Christmas!  I hope to see you this spring; let me take you out for some Italian cuisine.  I do appreciate your gift and your note.  They are beautiful.  May you have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year.  With warmest regards.

Texas / USA / 2018

FedEx delivered the painting this morning. It is hanging on one of our dining room walls and looks fabulous! Thank you again for producing such a beautiful painting!

Costa & Mena
Ontario / Canada / 2018

I received all 3 paintings this weekend!  Thank you so much for such a smooth transaction.

Illinois / USA / 2018

I loved my experience with Paul and Melita in looking for a painting to remember my trip to Italy.  I travel fairly often and try to find a piece of artwork to remember all my trips byHowever, I had never owned a real painting.  Only prints or copies and so when I was planning a trip to Italy I decided to invest in a real one of a kind painting.  I came across Paul's artwork and love his style.  By complete coincidence, we were staying in a town just across the lake from the studio.  Both Paul and Melita were amazing at helping me plan my visit and help a novice such as my self find a piece of artwork I loved.  I Highly recommend to anyone going through Lake Como area to at least stop in and see his art and to any art lovers to consider becoming a patron of his work.  If I am ever back in Italy I will always plan to stop by my self and even might buy a second piece for my collection.

Nebraska / USA / 2018

[From CalistaWe retrieved the painting yesterday and we LOVE it!  We can’t stop staring at it and talking about how beautiful it is!  I feel so blessed that you accommodated my request and we have your magical painting to always remind us of our magical day and the beauty of Lake Como.  We will always think of you both fondly when we admire the painting. I do hope to see you again in the future, and in the mean time you should know that we admire your painting Every Single Day as it hangs in our living roomYou are both so special to us.  I wish I could give you both a big hug!

[From AndersWe retrieved the box from Fedex tonightWe have just (very carefully) unwrapped all your excellent protection, and the painting is here safe and sound.  It's magnificent!  So vibrant and evocative of our wonderful wedding, with hints everywhere of all the incredible light that makes Lake Como so special.  Thank you for capturing the magic of that day!  It is incredible how the mood and focal points of the painting change with the changes in the daylight. It echoes our experience of Lake Como and our wedding day; I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful living reminder.

Calista & Anders
Washington / USA / 2018

It’s here!  FedEx just dropped it off and we carefully unwrapped itIt is magnifico!  It is so beautiful, just what we hoped forThe lovely dedication brought tears.  Thank you so much.  We do have a special relationship - and really good dinner stories!  I know that this painting will inspire us to travel back sooner than we have been.  You’re right, now that we are settled into our new surroundings we can think more of being ‘outward bound'.  All the best.

Anne & John
California / USA / 2018

Arrived Friday afternoon – thank you.  Beautiful!  I don’t have many ‘proper’ paintings but this is one. I have stood where Paolo sat to do this and walked the mountains in the painting - the Italian Alps - but what I love is how even at night a little light brings out the scale and the grandeur of the mountains: just fabulous!

Andrew & Linda
Edinburgh / Scotland / 2018

It arrived safe and sound!  We really do love it and can't thank Paolo enough for accepting this commission!  It is such a perfect anniversary gift for us both - just in time! :)  It has been a great pleasure to work with you and Paolo, and we cant believe it was nearly exactly 1 year ago we met you in Varenna and this picture was taken.  Kind regards.

Andreas & Danneka
Australian Capital Territory / Australia / 2018

We are so enjoying our new painting - even more than we hoped.  Thank you again for all your help.  We so enjoy Paolo's paintings and are so excited to have purchased another one.  Hope to see you again someday!  Take care.

Susan & John
Colorado / USA / 2018

Thank you for the email.  We love our paintingIt is hanging in the front entry of our house.  Have a nice week and hope to see you again one day.

Basel / Switzerland / 2018

Thank you very much.  We have picked up the painting and are both enjoying your husband’s work.  Thank you for going the extra step to ensure we received it.  I returned late last night and my husband had already picked it up.  We will always enjoy this work.  Many thanks to you both.

Susan & Gerard
Pennsylvania / USA / 2018

Thank you very much for your message.  It was a real pleasure for us to discover Paul's paintings in Varenna and to be able to have this wonderful "Palace Cipressi" taken with us in Chambéry!  It was also a delightful moment to talk to you and discover your personal story and life by the Lakeside.  We have been very busy since our return but do not worry, we keep thinking of you as we admire the painting everyday in our home !  Have a nice Spring time.

Marielle & Alain
Chambéry / France / 2018

Yes, I can’t believe how quickly it got here!  Less than 24 hours it took I think!  It arrived safely thank you, and was well packaged.  We are waiting to finish decorating a room before we open it and put it up but we are very excited!!  A lovely memory of our honeymoon.  Thanks again, it was so lovely to meet you.  Best wishes.

Laura & Tom
Tyne & Wear / United Kingdom / 2018

[From Josh].  The painting arrived safely and we are absolutely thrilled with it! It’s stunning, evocative, and more impressive than we could have hoped.  It will bring us decades of joy and memories.  Thank you for all you’ve done and we’re proud to hang it prominently in our home.  

Hi [from Judy]Just adding my “wow” about the painting.  Paulo captured the light and colors of the season we were there so beautifully.  We feel transported back to Varenna when we look at it.  The biggest decision is where to put it so we can view it as often as possible!  Thank you for staying in touch with us frequently throughout the process -it was a real pleasure working with you. I hope there will be another glass of Prosecco in our future.  With appreciation.

Judy & Josh
California / USA / 2018

Thank you so much for your kind emails!  The art arrived quickly and safe and sound.  The packing of the art was a work of art in itself!  We now have the ‘beach’ piece in our living room, and my Suffolk piece has pride of place in my barristers chambers.  These pieces of art are our principal reminder of what was a very special four week family holiday, and we will return and see you again.  Thanks again! 

Keith & Amanda
Queensland / Australia / 2018

Paolo’s beautiful paintings arrived today!  We are more in love with them now than we were before.  Again, just want to say that we enjoyed your company and we know we will enjoy these paintings for decades to come!  Enjoy your summer!

Karen & Eric
Minnesota / USA / 2018

Packaging was exceptional.  Everything is in perfect conditionIt’s on the wall.  And.  We.  Are.  Speechless!  Even though it’s a bit early in the day, we have opened a bottle of Prosecco.  Sending our love to Lake Como.

Lynda & Ronald
New York / USA / 2018

The painting arrived this morning in perfect shape and more beautiful than I remembered!  Brilliant packing, by the way.  Thanks you so much.  We are excited to hang it for all family to admire!  All the best.

Eric & Janice
Massachusetts / USA / 2018

It was our pleasure meeting you and purchasing these wonderful paintings.  The Varenna painting is already hanging at the wall; the "apple" is still swirling around looking for an optimal spot in our house in Halle.  After Varenna, we continued our trip to Bergamo, Milano, Venice and finally the long drive home via Austria last weekend.  We'll be back at Varenna asap!

Dolf & Magret
Germany / 2018

We received the painting Thursday and we are thrilled.  We need to get an art light installed for the new piece but we will send a picture soon!  So many of Paolo's paintings really speak to usHopefully next time we are at the Lake the timing will work out to meet him.  We certainly enjoyed our afternoon visiting [in the gallery] and enjoying Paolo's art.  Best Regards. 

Eric & Larissa
California / USA / 2018

Unpacked the paintings and hung one in our dining room and it looks fabulous!  We are so pleased.

Donna & David
California / USA / 2018

Our painting arrived safe and sound yesterday!  It has already found a home in our living room.  Thank you for the care you took in packing it.  It is more beautiful than we remembered and will lovingly be referred to as “Our Varenna". Our weather has made the shift to autumn as there is now a chill in the air but it is still late summer in Varenna in our hearts!  Blessings.

Carol & Roger
Iowa / USA / 2018

Hello.  The painting finally arrived yesterday, and is now hanging safely on the wall.  We don't get the same light as you do in the gallery, but it still looks wonderful.  Kind regards.

Aksel & Solgunn
Norway / 2018

- 2017 -

It's arrived !  Looks fantastic !  I put it where my figs [of Paolo’s] were as it was the perfect hook and swapped things around a bit as you can see.  Lovely to find the message on the back !  Thank you so much.  It has made me very happy ! 

Glouchester / United Kingdom / 2017

It came and is safe and sound and happy!!  Pete isn't here and I am excited for him to see it when he gets home (:. Yes, that was really a quick delivery and Paolo did a perfect job packing it up.  We were talking the other day of just going to Varenna next year - soooo relaxing and beautifulYou two are so lucky and what incredible inspiration for artists!  We love our new painting!!  Fondly.

Linda & Pete
Ohio / USA / 2017

It's here!!  I love the frame and that it can hang or stand.  It's stunningThat was very quick!  I am so excited:)  Have a beautiful weekend!  Loved working with you two!

Maryland / USA / 2017

The paintings arrived today (Thursday) at 10:09 AM!  That is surely record time!  And, they are in perfect condition.  What a fantastic packing job you did – and it took Sunni and me quite a while to unpack them!  We have ours sitting near the living room spot where it will hang!  I am thrilled with our painting.  I’m just finding excuses to walk by ours and we’ll hang it this weekend.  Thanks for all the amazing service you two have done to deliver these works to us.  We had so much fun with all of youYou even “smile” in your email.  Thanks and give Paolo our best.  Happily,

Dan & Sunni
Pennsylvania / USA / 2017

Cari Amici, A short note to tell you: Our painting arrived this morning, Thursday!!!  Kevin and I just undid the packing, just the way you so beautifully suggestedWe love it.  We love it.  We love it.  Grazie, grazie, grazie!!!!  Baci e abbracci.

Ned & Kevin
Illinois / USA / 2017

You have been so wonderful to see that we got our paintings!  Wish there were something we could do in return for you, showing our gratitude!   My husband & I are so excited to hang it.  I will send a picture of what ours looks like in our home.   Thank you again & wish you the very best!  I am so glad to have a friend in Varenna!  Hugs.

Karen & Jim
Florida / USA / 2017

Thanks for keeping us all excited about the paintings.  So great to hear from you:)  We are so excited to see our "Arrivando a Varenna" again!  Dick and I would love to come back to Varenna and hopefully it will be sooner than four years!  Warmest regards.

Lorraine & Richard
Delaware / USA / 2017

Wonderful news!  I returned from my travels and FedEx delivered my picture to a neighbour - a woman who runs an antique shop and who turns out to know of Paolo’s father, Bruno.  I’ve now unwrapped the painting and have placed it on the wall at the dining end of my kitchen and it looks very fine indeedBe sure to thank Paolo for his little message on the back.  It means the thread that leads from here to you in Suffolk is being given a firm tug!

Suffolk / United Kingdom / 2017
I have just come home from over a week away and “Mele Rosse” has arrived It looks great and I will be trialling it in a couple of places in my house to see where the best spot might be... and then the expert Curator will come down in about a week and tell me where it should go! – and I will very happily take that expert advice.
Richard (& Charlotte)
Australian Capital Territory / Australia / 2017

We are very happy to say your beautiful painting has arrived safelyIt will hang proudly in pride of place in our ”Italian room”, along side other beautiful pieces.  Thank you so much.  It was truly a very memorable trip for us all, really excellent.  Finding such a beautiful and appropriate painting wasalso a highlight for us all.  You are situated in what can only be described as some of God’s own country, so beautiful and peaceful.  We wish you and Paul much success and joy in your beautiful artistic creations, and we certainly look forward to our return in the near future.  Our kind regards to you both.

Robert & Janet
Queensland / Australia / 2017
I arrived back this morning and yes, it was waiting for me.  We are still debating on the location to hang the workbut none the less, still admiring the beauty of it.  Thank you yet again for your excellent packaging, punctual postage and communication, it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you, and we will be keeping an eye on your catalogue.  Kind regards.
Warwick & Janine
New South Wales / Australia / 2017
Our paintings arrived today!  Thank you.  From what I can see they both seem to have made the journey safely.  Thank you.  We hope to see you there in the future.  Best regards.
Steve & Janet
Utah / USA / 2017
The paintings have arrived!  I can’t believe how fast Fedex delivers.  Steve opened the package last night and the paintings came out in excellent condition.  Paolo really did a wonderful job of packing.  Thank you for keeping us informed every “step of the way” regarding delivery of our paintings.  We have since been enjoying them from every angle!  Again, it has been a pleasure meeting you both.  We had a delightful time in Lake Como.  Discovering your gallery and meeting you both were part of that delight.  The paintings will remind us of our stay in Varenna and we hope to be back sometime in the future.  All the best.
Steve & Cristina
New York / USA / 2017

We love the paintings and hung them last night, drinks in hand.  We are already discussing a return to Varenna so hopefully we will be back next Spring/Summer.  We had a lot of good food in Florence, and took a day trip to Sienna which was also beautiful. It is so amazing to be able to bounce from historic town to historic town, and the Tuscan countryside is as beautiful as we expected. All in all it was a great trip and we were able to see and do a lot, and the paintings are the icing on the cake.  Thanks again and please let Paolo know that we love the paintings.

Patrick & Bryn
California / USA / 2017

The wonderful painting arrived today in perfect condition--what an excellent packing job you did!  Now Paolo will have fans on Cape Cod.  It was so lovely meeting you and Paolo and Paolo’s mom (and the two Richards), and we will never forget our cocktail moments at the Hotel du Lac with that awesome beauty all around. Tonight I will make my first ever negroni and raise my glass to the great memories of Varenna. Ciao.

Bill & Jerry
Massachusetts / USA / 2017
We received the painting safely today.  It is absolutely gorgeous!!  Remembering all the places we visited in that little stretch of Varenna.  We would appreciate some advice as to how to best hang up the painting safely.  Warm regards and wishes for a Happy New Year!!
Jin Kar & Kevin
Western Australia / 2017
The paintings arrived today and they look beautiful in our home!  We have already hung them, and will send photos later.  Thanks so much for such prompt shipping.  Hope you are both well.  With much appreciation.
Janet & Gary
Maryland / USA / 2017

We were thrilled to receive shipment of the stunning "Castello Tafuri" this past week!  We decided to display it along with Paul's painting we purchased in 2006 in our dining room, where we can enjoy them every day and be reminded of our lovely visit with you.  Please give our best to Paul.  Warmest Regards from Proud Collectors.

Lisa & Tim
California / USA / 2017

Just wanted you to know the painting arrived safely here today and it looks beautifulThanks so much for everything.  It has been great working with you.  We will always smile and remember our time in Varenna every time we look at this beautiful painting.  We are very happy we decided on the painting before others snatched it up.  We will be proud to display it in our home as a wonderful reminder of our visit to Lake Como. Warm regards to both of you.

Tom & Kathleen
Michigan / USA / 2017
Hello there, we have received our beautiful paintings and have fallen in love with them all over again.  I have attached a picture of one up on our wall gracing our bedroom.  Thank you so much.  Hopefully we will return to your beautiful village again.  Keep well.  Kind regards.
Jody & Paul
Auckland / New Zealand / 2017
Thank you for the painting.  We are very excited to put it up on the wall.  It was a pleasure to meet you both. Maybe we will see you sometime soon :)  Thanks again!
Kory & Stpehanie
Prague / Czech Republic / 2017
Our painting arrived safely this afternoon.  We have just unpacked the painting and we are very happy with it.  Once again many thanks for all your help.
Anne & Ger
County Kildare / Ireland / 2017

I really love the painting, it has pride of place in my flat's living room - the only thing I have to worry about is one of my flatmates stealing it!  Best.

London / United Kingdom / 2017

It came today and is gorgeous!  Thank you!

Holly & Michael
Washington / USA / 2017

We are happy to tell you that the two beautiful pictures of Varenna arrived safely today. The pictures will always have a special meaning for us.  We enjoyed meeting you and would love to come back for another visit, but until then, we have wonderful memories and beautiful pictures to remind us of the glorious days we spent at Lake Como.  With warm regards.

Elizabeth & Ronald
Massachusetts / USA / 2017

Wow, picture just arrived and it’s as Beautiful as we remembered it.  Can’t wait to hang it in a prominent place. Please give our best to Paolo.  Warm regards.

Anne & Ken
Colorado / USA / 2017
We got the painting and just love it!   Thank you so much.
Curt & Malinka
Utah / USA / 2017

- 2016 -

Thank you for the note!   We got back Tuesday night.  We all miss Italy already.  The painting where there is a rain storm coming over the lake...I'm in love with itThe colors and brushstrokes are just amazing...Paolo really does a lovely job.  I scoped out where I think I’m going to hang it in my house.  I will continue 'stalking' your gorgeous work online.

New York / USA / 2016

The paintings were delivered here yesterday. They traveled faster than we did.  Perfect timing too!  I was showing my mother the paintings I purchased So, it went like this..."This is the still life, and the night scene of Varenna, and the one of Provence, and finally here is the wisteria I bought for you!  She said, "What?  No one has ever bought me a painting.  I think I am going to cry."  She then took out a print she had of a painting done by Monet and compared it to the one of Paolo’s and said that Paolo's is much betterTell Paolo he has another fan.


I am now the very proud owner of six Demaria's!  I told Red we could open a gallery here in Alabama!  Red said to tell Paolo that if he ever gave up painting, he could certainly find employment at UPS or Federal Express as a packerWe had tape and box all over the house!  It was well worth the trouble to find the treasures inside.  Thank you for ensuring their safe arrival!  They are much loved and well taken care of.  I have lamps that light them up when needed.  Every morning Gary turns on his lamp and says, "Good Morning Varenna" because the light from the lamp brings it to life.

Carol & Gary (Red)
Alabama / USA / 2016

My Newest Kitchen" has arrived 25 minutes ago.  It is not on the wall yet, but already in my kitchen :)  BEAUTIFUL!!   Many many thanks to you both, it is a very special piece with lots of find memories attached :)  Will keep in touch and send pics asap, meantime a BIG HUG to you both & my warmest regards.

Capetown / South Africa / 2016
It was lovely to see you & Paolo on our Anniversary.  Thank you for the Prosecco.  The painting is wonderful!  Thank you so much for shipping it.  It has been a fantastic time working with you both.  Meeting Paulo was an honour when we visited.  We can’t wait until our next visit to Lake Como when we will stop past and say hello.  Kind Regards.
Sam & Emma
Kent / United Kingdon / 2016
We just wanted to let you know that "Mattino sulla rive di Varenna" now has a home in the woods :). We've chosen to hang it in our bedroom so it's one of our first views in the morningVery happy to have our memory by Paolo in our home.  I've included a few photos so you can see its new home.  We hope Paolo approves. You're both welcome to visit if the opportunity ever arises. All our best.
Layne & Becky
Oregon / USA / 2016

The painting arrived this morning!!  It's as beautiful as we recalled, and now we are walking around the house debating the best possible place to hang it!  I was really surprised how quickly it got hereThanks so much to you for making it happen -- and for your graciousness.  And thanks to Paulo for the beauty of his work.

Kay & Byron
Colorado / USA / 2016

Yes, we love it and have spent the morning deciding where it should hang.  It will be a wonderful reminder of Casa Kate (whether or not we sell it!).  The painting is giving us a lot of pleasure.  We had a lunch party on Friday and everyone there had been to Casa Kate so were delighted to see the painting.

Kate & Dennis
Essex / United Kingdom / 2016
We received the painting yesterday and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!  And it really does remind me so much of our travels around southern France.  We can't wait to hang it.  It's been wonderful working with you again to find a new piece of art that reminds us of our recent travels. I'm sure we'll be working with you again in the future :)
Jesse & Jessica
Virginia / USA / 2016

The painting just arrived.  It is still beautiful, especially over our fireplace mantel.  Thanks.

Bob & Sandy
Colorado / USA / 2016

Painting received and hung at our lake house.  Looks beautiful.  Thanks for everything.  Maybe we will see you again on our next trip to Lake Como.

Jim & Karen
Illinois / USA / 2016

We just got back from the Fed X office picking up our painting.  It is absolutely beautiful.  We are very pleased & it arrived in great shape.  It is already hanging on our wall over the sofa.  Please let Paolo know how much we love it.  Have a wonderful Christmas.  Sincerely.

Barbara & Ike
Texas / USA / 2016

They have arrived!  Love them!  Look great!  Gorgeous!  Even better than I remember!  Both paintings are in my office and I daydream every day...I’m 99% good on the Canal Grande.  Love the frames by the way.  All the employees love them.  I can’t tell you how often I look at them and the comments I get from people.  It’s incredible.  I'm so lucky I found your location.  And me, a collector?  Wow!  Big time for a blue collar kid!  I wish I was there!!!  Thanks so much!

Alex & Nancy
Washington / USA / 2016

We wanted to let you know that we received the painting this afternoonEverything arrived safe and intact and looking great. It took awhile for the renovation to our house but we were able to get back in time for the Holidays!  We just wanted to provide you with some photos of it hanging in our family room.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!  Yours truly.

Tony & Anna
Illinois / USA / 2016

The painting arrived on time.  Craig was thoughtful enough to wait until we were both home this evening to open it.  The painting is in perfect condition.  Now we are debating the best wall and lighting to show it off.  I think we may need to move to a new home that is worthy of it’s magnificence.  So glad we are able to call it ours!  Another photo from the ferry looking back at Varenna is attached for your viewing pleasure.  Sincerely,

Taletha & Craig
Washington / USA / 2016

Thanks so much for your email.  Received the lovely painting at our home today.  We enjoyed your warm hospitality and a visit to your gallery was one of the highlights of our stay in Varenna.  Many thanks and warm regards.

Swapna & Kamal
Singapore / 2016

Thank you so much for your email and yes, we unwrapped the picture yesterday! We are very happy to have it in our home.  When we come back to Lago di Como we will stop by and drop you a note. Thanks again to you and Paolo and all the best!

Matthias & Shannon
Hesse / Germany / 2016

Paintings arrived, unpacked and hung.  We are enjoying them.

John & Janie
Washington / USA / 2016
We have received the paintings and they are more beautiful than I remembered!  It did take us about 30 minutes to unwrap them. We were thinking it must have taken you hours to wrap them!! You did a great job because they are in perfect condition. Thank you so much for all your updates and focus on getting them to us. We truly look forward to going back to Lake Como and visiting with ya'll and seeing what new landscapes Paolo has painted.
Joni & Dave
Louisiana / USA / 2016

Wow! That was fast!  My paintings arrived in perfect condition!  Thank you!

Pennsylvania / USA / 2016

I am thrilled to say the shipment landed, was cleared yesterday morning and I was able to collect it from the airport in the afternoon.  Needless to say I am very delighted to have this beautiful reflection of the Varenna lakeside and my happy memories of Lago di Como.  Thank you so much for Paolo’s great art talent and your efforts to have the painting delivered in such safe condition.  The floating frame is also perfect.  I love the way Paolo has coloured it in soft gold and it is much lighter than I was expecting. I will opt for a floating frame with my future purchases from you.  My task tonight is to determine the best spot to hang the painting in order to attract the right lighting on it.  It will be in my vision from several views in my apartment and a constant reminder to revisit you when I can. I will love to catch up with you both and Magda again and go shopping in your studio shop.  Meantime I will keep track of your website for inspiration.  Many thanks and best regards.

Auckland / New Zealand / 2016
Paintings received in mint condition, in fact we already had them on Friday!  We will hang them in the next few weeks and send you a picture.  Best regards.
John & Melinda
North Carolina / USA / 2016
Our Varenna painting arrived today and it is even more beautiful than I remembered!!  It arrived so quickly and in perfect condition.  It is now on display in our living room and I stop and admire it every time I walk by and dream about a return trip to Lake Como!  It was such a pleasure meeting you and enjoying our rainy evening in your lovely gallery!  Thanks again for your hospitality while purchasing the painting and, of course, your continued support and great service after the sale.  We loved your city so much that we have started discussions of a return trip in the future.

Greg & Susie
Kansas / USA / 2016
just received the painting and have it hung on the wall in our home and it looks wonderful!  I know we will enjoy it for many years.  Thank you again for everything. 
Gale & Tony
Washington / USA / 2016

The painting arrived today and it is in great conditionI am hanging it in my office until after Christmas and I will present it to my lovely wife for a present.  This gives us an opportunity to come to Varenna in October and visit your town and gallery.  Then Christmas, I will surprise her with the painting. The painting is very beautiful.  I thought it was beautiful just looking at the picture on the web page, but in person it is stunning.  Thanks Again.

Duane & Janet
Texas / USA / 2016

WOW!  FEDEX delivered the painting to us about 30 minutes go.  What a fantastic painting Paolo created!  Please tell Paolo the colors, texture, and image capture the essence of Lake Como as viewed from the Varanne area.   Now Connie and I get the fun job of determining where we will hang it so we can enjoy Paolo’s painting every day!  I’ll e-mail you an image of where we hang the painting for your reference file.  Thanks again for everything!  Best regards,

Dennis & Connie
Ohio / USA / 2016

The painting arrived in good condition.  It was hung in our master bedroom.  It gives us great pleasure to enjoy such a wonderful piece of art.  Paolo captures every detail of the beautiful Italian country side in this painting.  We have been paid many compliments on it.  It is one of our favorite pieces that we have acquired over the years.  It will be handed down one day for the next generation to enjoy one day.  We are looking forward to the pleasure it will bring us in the years to come.  Thank you,

Christina & Keith
Virginia / USA / 2016
We received your beautiful painting of the water lilly's, and it's breathtaking!  Thank you for your assistance.  Best regards,
Denise & Bill
Texas / USA /2016

The painting has arrived safe and sound and is now hanging in our living room. As you can see we had to get a bit creative in where we hung it.  We were looking at how to shuffle artwork around until I thought of putting it over the archway.  In that location it will be the most viewed piece of artwork in our house.  We enjoyed Varenna and Lake Como and Paolo's paintings.  While the painting is of Sicilia, it will always make us think of Lake Como.  Take care and I hope our paths will cross again. 

Donald & Irene
Washington / USA / 2016

The painting arrived yesterday afternoon.  I unpacked it last night and everything arrived in good shape.  Please tell Paolo that the painting has not found its permanent place in our home, but we are trying several places.  In any event, we will take good care of this beautiful painting and it surely will remind us of our  great trip to Lake Como.  Thanks again for treating us so well and it would be wonderful if someday we might return to Varenna. 

Frederick & Marilyn
Georgia / USA / 2016

The painting has arrived safe and sound!  And it’s beautiful.  It is amazing how much emotion you can give to a painting when it has a true meaning.  Angela and I would like to thank you so much for the help from start to finish and hopefully we will do business again or at least visit the fabulous Lake Como in the future. Thanks to you and Paolo once again. Kind Regards,

Chris & Angela
United Kingdom / 2016

- 2015 -

We have just unwrapped the paintings. They were certainly well wrapped, took us ages, like opening Christmas presents. They are both absolutely wonderful.   We are absolutely over the moon with both paintings - they are alive.  Our commissioned painting will always remind us of Varenna, the Church, the bells, the Piazza and Marilena.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sue & Zich
Tasmania / Australia / 2015
went into College this afternoon and collected the paintings.  Unpacking them was in itself like dismantling an architectural work of art.  Now we are hugging ourselves just looking at them - and beginning to ponder where best to hang them, then we shall have to give serious thought to lighting so that we can enjoy them at their best.  I am surprised at the size of the Vineyards near Verona.  It never struck me as so large in the Gallery.  I shall look at Stoke-by-Nayland Church with new eyes next time we drive past it.  We cannot believe our good fortune at having two more masterpieces in our Guaitamacchi collection, for which we are hugely grateful.  Love to you both and to Magda, from both of us.
Colin & Jean
Cambridge / United Kingdom / 2015

It arrived and it is absolutely everything we dreamed of!  We love it!  We love it!  We love it!  Thank you so, so much.  You've made us very happy.  We'll send you a picture of it in place once the wall is painted. Best wishes always.

Judy & Dick
Arizona / USA / 2015

We received the painting and it's as beautiful as you saidWe are so happy! Thank you to both you and Paolo. It's been a pleasure communicating with you these past several months and meeting you in July. I hope to be able to buy another painting soon!

Dayna & Andy
New Jersey / USA / 2015

Jeanine loved the painting!  We love and appreciate Paolo's art and the pieces serve as a constant reminder of the charm of the lake and our trip. Please stay in touch and keep us apprised of your travels and events.

Alan & Jeanine
Ohio / USA /2015

We absolutely love them, if anything we wish that Paolo had made the paintings even bigger!
Victoria / Australia / 2015

Thank you again for the nice visit and fine snacks and drink. It was a wonderful day for us. The paintings look great down in Jennifer's parents bedroomThat really makes them feel loved.:)  We are excited to see the others back at the States too.  Keep in touch and we'll see you again next summer.  Until then stay blessed. Tell Paolo we really appreciate him and his passion.

Jennifer & Glenn
Oklahoma / USA / 2015

The paintings have arrived and they are in excellent shape.  Thanks for the excellent packing job.  I see you have moved up on TripAdvisor.  Thanks for the great paintings!

Francis & Joan
California / USA / 2015
The painting just arrived.  How Beautiful!  Please tell Paul thank you very much for the careful packaging.  Now we just have to find the perfect place to admire it in our home!
Greg & Marla
Texas / USA / 2015
want to congratulate both of you for keeping in touch and to let you know how happy we are that some of Paolo’s art hangs in our home.  We get to enjoy it every day and think often of how kind and welcoming you both were when we visited your Varenna gallery and wisely bought our two stunning paintings.  We enjoy them every day.  Best regards, 
Jerry & Valerie
Connecticut / USA / 2015

How's this for a quick response.  The picture is on the wall in a very predominate location that has received numerous "love it" reviews - truly everyone loves it - please tell Paolo.  We had such a great time in Lake Como.  It was our favorite spot in Italy, which was only made better by meeting you.  It is a high priority of ours to visit this area and your shop when we return to your beautiful country.  Thanks again for your kindness.

Steve & Kathy
Oregon / USA / 2015

Just letting you know the painting arrived exactly on time and is awaiting hanging when Jonathan gets home.  It looks as gorgeous as I remembered and will bring back wonderful memories of our trip to Varenna.  Happy Thanksgiving, I seem to remember you will be in Chicago.  Best Wishes,

Sarah & Jonathan
Minnesota / USA / 2015

We have hung our painting and it is stunning!  We are so happy to have met both you and Paolo while we were in Varenna. Thank you so much to both of you for all you did for us!  Varenna is certainly a place we hope to get back to. Lake Como and especially Varenna were the highlight of our trip. Best regards,

Stacey & Brad
Georgia / USA /2015

Greetings.  Thanks again for everything.  The painting is hanging where we see it all the time, and we like it even more than before.  All the best,

Russ & Elizabeth
California / USA / 2015

My paintings arrived in perfect shape.  I hurried home last evening and hung “The Poppies” in my dining room.  It is perfect there and I will appreciate the beauty of this piece each and every time I enjoy a meal. Thank you so much for your prompt delivery and fantastic customer service!  Warm regards,

Vermont / USA / 2015

Thanks so much. THE PAINTING just ARRIVED A HALF-HOUR AGO! IT TOOK ME THAT LONG TO UNWRAP PAOLO'S GREAT PACKAGING JOB. And the picture looks wonderful and I'M VERY HAPPY with it. The frame has enough green and dark gold that it is nicely set against the gold-color wall and the painting LOOKS GREAT IN THE SPACE

MANY THANKS to Paolo for the beautiful painting and to you FOR the wonderful job you have done in MAKING THIS TRANSACTION SO ENJOYABLE AND EASY.  It was lovely to meet you both and it has been a pleasure doing business with you.  Warmly,

Oregon / USA / 2015

OUR PAINTING HAS JUST ARRIVED!!!! WE ARE SO THRILLED! Just out of the box 5 minutes ago. We will send a picture once hung. WE TRACKED IT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, ABOUT 2-3 TIMES A DAY over the weekend to see where it was at.  Grazie Mille!  

Eric & Larissa
California / USA / 2015

YOUR PAINTING HAS ARRIVED IN SUNNY FL. safe and sound. YOU'RE RIGHT, THE PHOTOS DON'T DO IT JUSTICE.  WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, it's just beautiful!!! The only problem is finding a place to hang it where we can enjoy it all the time. IT HAS BEEN A PLEASURE DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU.  Again, thank you for the lovely painting.  Best regards.

Lynne & Bob
Florida / USA / 2015

- 2014 -

Just received our PAINTINGS this morning. They ARE SO BEAUTIFUL and will always remind us of our recent "trip of a lifetime" to Varenna, Siena and Cortona. Paolo, you did a GREAT JOB of PACKING them...ARRIVING WITHOUT A SCRATCH. However, Carolyn and I are CONCERNED THERE MAY NOT BE ANY "FRAGILE" PACKING TAPE LEFT IN ITALY! We will send you a picture once we have them hung. THANKS again FOR MAKING THIS ACQUISITION POSSIBLE for us. Looking forward to our next meeting!

Ralph & Carolyn
Missouri / USA / 2014

I only just OPENED THE PAINTINGS YESTERDAY, they look to be IN PERFECT CONDITION.  I can see why Paul was proud of HIS PACKING JOB, it WAS LIKE ART IN ITSELF! The NEW clear COAT (OF VARNISH) LOOKS GREAT! Now we just have to wait for our new house to be completed so they can go to their final home.  Thanks again and we’ll be in touch!

Brett & Dana
Florida / USA / 2014

ONE DOWN AND ONE TO GO! Opened, with help, the first box. ALL the paintings ARE PERFECT! YOU CAN SMELL THE FRESH PAINT when the last layer of plastic is cut. So, SO FAR, PAOLO HAS WONBEST PAINTER IN THE WORLD and BEST PACKER IN THE WORLD. Will start aiming for Lake Como in June. The next box to be opened tomorrow afternoon. I'll report in later. WHAT TREASURES!


…Hello, again. I just finished opening BOX 2ALL the paintings are IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. Tonight, Melita you get the PRIZE FOR: 1. WORLD’S BEST ORGANIZED OFFICE MANAGER/HELPER, 2. WORLD’S BEST COMMUNICATOR via email or otherwise, and 3. WORLD’S MOST PATIENT PERSON. I look forward to seeing "you all" in June! 


…Hello to you both. I AM in the process of FINDING THE RIGHT "SPOT" FOR EACH of the treasures. EVERYWHERE IN MY HOME I AM SURROUNDED BY THE BEAUTY OF LAKE COMO AND THE SURROUNDING COUNTRYSIDE. This must be one of the most beautiful places on our earth. YOUR PAINTINGS LIFT MY SPIRITS, just AS IF I WERE THERE! With best wishes and admiration.

Texas / USA / 2014
EVERYTHIING ARRIVED FINE. THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR DETAIL AND PROFESSIONAL DEALINGS. WE HAVE NEVER PURCHASED ANYTHING FROM ITALY THAT ARRIVED SO QUICKLY and we certainly appreciated that. We hope to return to Varenna and when we do we will visit you again. Great success to you both moving forward and again, many thanks.
Conni & Howard
Virginia / USA / 2014
Costa & Mena
Ontario / Canada / 2014
The PAINTING HAS ARRIVED! Thank you so much. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It's currently HANGING TEMPORARILY IN THE CONSERVATORY to decide where it should go, but WE'RE REALLY PLEASED, thank you. Hope all the preparations are going well for Canzo & we'll be in touch again soon.
Alison & Ivano
London / UK / 2014

- 2013 -

We have received the painting in excellent shape.  It was packed very well.  Thank you.  We do love it and WE HAVE BEEN TRYING TO FIGURE OUT THE RIGHT SPOT FOR IT IN OUR HOUSE.  TOUGH CHOICES!!  It was nice to have met you both.  Now we have a special painting of our time in Italy and can also say that we met the painter and know the story of the painting. We will treasure it!!  Thanks again.

Keith & Peggy
Saskatchewan / CANADA / 2013

OUR GINORMOUS PACKAGE with both paintings (for us and Ned) ARRIVED here safely!  I'm so thrilled.  Thanks you two.  I SO LOVE OPENING A "PAOLO" IN OUR HOME.  We know where ours belongs already.   We have plans to take the package over to Ned's on Sunday for the unveiling.  It is sitting wrapped in our living room but we just don't want to open it unless Ned is there to see his first... IT IS THE BEST PART...THE UNWRAPPING...(AS WE'VE DONE MANY TIMES).  We have seen ours already and it's on my screensaver often.  We will all get to see Ned's (commissioned piece) for the first time together.  We will send a picture of all the excitement.  I'LL HAVE TO GO GET A BOTTLE OR TWO OF PROSECCO FOR THE OCCASION.  Like Christmas morning!  Yeah!!  Party at Ned's for the official hanging don't you think?

Suzanne & David
California / USA / 2013

THE PAINTING LOOKS GREAT ABOVE THE FIREPLACE--just the right size and color scheme.  It is gorgeous!  The price sounds perfect.  I quickly took a photo this morning and will send as an attachment tonight.  Yes, we LOVE it and will buy a light after the holidays to set it off, probably from the mantle shining up instead of the other way.  RIGHT NOW IT IS HANGING IN OUR BEDROOM (AND IT LOOKS GOOD IN THERE, TOO actually), along with the first painting, as it is time to decorate.

Eve & Steve
Ohio / USA / 2013

We all enjoyed meeting you, too, and our stay in Varenna was one of the highlights of our vacation.  WE RETURNED SAFELY to the US on Wednesday night AND WERE pleasantly SURPRISED TO RECEIVE YOUR FED EX SHIPMENT the next morning - PERFECT TIMING! The painting will find a place of honor in our new home after we move.

Joseph & Mary Catherine
North Carolina / USA / 2013

Belated Merry Christmas and an early Happy New Year.  We loved seeing you and hope your Christmas was wonderful.  We can't wait to see you in August! The picture in the email you sent is the view we looked at every day walking to Varenna from Fiumelatte, we may just have to have a Paolo painting of that view!  WE LOVE OUR VARENNA PAINTING AND LOOK AT IT EVERY TIME WE COME DOWNSTAIRS and of course think of you two.  Again, thank you for bringing our beautiful painting and spending the evening with us.  We will stay in touch until we see you again in 8 short months!

Susan & Bruce
Illinois / USA / 2013

Bruce texted me yesterday saying THE PAINTING IS "BREATHTAKING" and he can't wait to come and see the real thing next summer! So thank you for creating such a wonderful reminder of a very special place that we will always treasure. We love the painting and found the perfect place to hang it in our entry.  EVERY TIME I COME IN OR OUT THE FRONT DOOR, I AM REMINDED OF BEAUTIFUL VARENNA and the special time we had there. I cannot wait for Bruce to experience it with me next summer!

Liz & Bruce
Texas / USA /2013

I cannot thank you enough for all of your kindnesses to me.  ALL LAST NIGHT I COULDN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF THE PAINTING.  Lit just by the spotlight, it illuminated the room as it did the showroom.  I was able to show it to Mum and Dad on Skype.  As Dad said, the room is now a gallery!  PEOPLE CAN KEEP THEIR TITIANS AND VAN GOGHS.  TO ME, THIS IS THE BEST PICTURE EVER and it is amazing to have it here.  The spotlights will show off the Guaitamacchi Venice masterpieces to their very best advantages to my constant delight - and impress any guests to no end!  It was very, very kind of you to bestow them upon me.

Cambridge / UK / 2013

I JUST GOT THE PAINTING in great shape this morning!  NO DAMAGE. VERY WELL PACKED!  Thank you! We really enjoyed meeting you and your family too.  THE PLACE on the wall in our home that I WAS IMAGINING FOR THE PAINTING WAS PERFECT and already pre-lit with a nice art light.  Thank you all so much for allowing Connie and I into your world.

Jack & Connie
California / USA / 2013

THEY'VE ARRIVED! Mark brought them home from work, unpacked them and put them out in the living room. He came into my study and said, “There’s something in the living room you might want to take a look at.” I realised. Oh my, both paintings are just so beautiful. I HAD TEARS IN MY EYES just looking at them both.  IT WAS ALMOST RIDICULOUS TRYING TO TAKE IT ALL IN...LIKE HAVING TWINS!  I cannot get over the drama and colour in the lavender picture, I just can’t stop marvelling at it, I go to the sky then down to the lavender then back to the sky, I cannot walk away from it. Mark’s painting is so tranquil I feel I could just step into it. I rang my mum who paints to try to explain how beautiful both paintings are and my joy, because she gets it.  I said BOTH COULD HANG IN THE MUSEE D'ORSAY!
What Paul puts onto a white canvas is a scene interpreted through his eyes and the hand that holds the brush, a part of himself. Its such an honor to see what he sees in the gift of his work. IF PAUL WAS A MUSICIAN OR ATHLETE HE WOULD HAVE A STANDING OVATION and we would clap and cheer at his amazing performance. Instead I just quietly shake my head in disbelief and marvel at the colour and beauty he has captured.
I could go on and on! Thank you so very much, not only for the beautiful art works but for being such beautiful people. It is rare that a buyer knows the artist and knowing you makes the whole thing extra special.   We don’t just enjoy the paintings like most buyers but HAVE FOND MEMORIES OF VARENNA, your gallery, and long afternoons, TALKING AND DRINKING WINE, ORGANIZING THE PURCHASE...I LOVE THAT PART, we just seem to go on and on, very Italian!

Fran & Mark
New South Wales / Australia / 2013

Thank you for your email.  I am continuing to enjoy the painting -  IT'S JUST BEAUTIFUL!  Hope your exhibition went well and I'm sure we will be in Varenna again soon!

Jersey / Channel Islands / 2013

Paolo, I keep forgetting to send you a pic of the painting.  WHEN YOU COME THROUGH OUR FRONT DOOR IT IS THE FIRST THING YOU SEE.  We are quite pleased with it.

Bruce & Elaine
Florida / USA / 2013

Dear Paolo,  YOU HAVE AN INCREDIBLE AND SPECIAL TALENT! I am thrilled and completely happy with my new "Centrolago Da Sopra Villa Monastero & Cipressi" painting and especially your dedication on the back!

I AM A SIMPLE GUY...A father of two daughters, a remodel contractor, WITH LITTLE SPECIFIC EDUCATION IN THE FINE ARTS (something clearly not necessary to appreciate it) AND THIS PAINTING TAKES ME THERE IN A SPECIAL WAY NOT DESCRIBABLE.  I am privileged to have this fine art in my home (and to have had such a wonderful visit with you).

Please, if you visit California, allow me the honor of hosting you and Melita to a dinner (of course with David and Susan).  I look forward to that day, my next trip to Lake Como, and...my next purchase!

Caifornia / USA / 2013

I'm happy to report that both PAINTINGS ARRIVED IN PERFECT SHAPE,  although it was quite an exercise to remove all of the packing material.  Thanks again for your help and patience.  I expect that looking at the art every day will provide added incentive to return to Varenna soon.

Georgia / USA / 2013

IT'S LIKE CHRISTMAS HERE IN ALABAMA!  THE PAINTINGS ARRIVED YESTERDAY.  I am sitting in my living room surrounded by them.  Its great! I SMILE EVERY TIME I PASS THEM AND SOMETIMES I JUST STOP AND STARE AT THEM.  We all want to return to Lake Como!  I may need to go back for one more painting. Who knows you may see us all again! Happy Holidays and thank Paolo for opening his studio that day! 

Carol & Gary
Alabama / USA / 2013

The painting arrived earlier this week.  We have been enjoying looking at it and thinking about Varenna.  PLEASE TELL PAOLO HOW MUCH WE APPRECIATE HIS BEAUTIFUL WORK

Reb & Karen
South Carolina / USA / 2013

- 2012 -

IOWA HAS HAD CRAZY WINTER WEATHER.  If I try to be thankful for the little things, at least we have had enough warm days to melt some of the snow before more came! WHEN THINGS GET TOO BAD, I JUST go in my living room and SIT MY PRETTY PAOLO PAINTINGS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME AND BLOCK OUT EVERYTHING ELSE.  
Hope you are well,
Joleen & Steve
Iowa / USA / 2012

OUR PAINTING ARRIVED TODAY JUST IN TIME FOR A FAMILY DINNER PARTY THIS EVENING. We have ALREADY placed it ON OUR WALL and are looking forward to displaying it to our family. The painting arrived IN PERFECT CONDITION. Paolo did a GREAT JOB PACKING it. Happy Holidays

Michael & Michele
Quebec / Canada / 2012
Glad all is sorted. Thank you for letting me know regarding the effects of the sunlight. WE ALL LOVE THE PAINTINGI STILL CANNOT BELIEVE IT IS ACTUALLY HEREwith us. LOVE GAZING AT THE REFLECTION OF THE SUNLIGHT in the lake! Wishing you a great summer.
Marion & Colin
London / UK / 2012
The PAINTING has arrived. It IS HUNG and it IS BEAUTIFUL...we are VERY EXCITED TO SEE IT PLACED JUST WHERE WE PLANNED...it FITS PERFECTLY...PAOLO HAS TRULY WORKED HIS MAGIC...Thank you both so much for making this all happen...Thank you for everything...Good luck to you both.
John & Ardath
South Carolina / 2012 / USA
Joe & Pam
Colorado / USA / 2012

Hello! OUR BEAUTIFUL PAINTING WAS WAITING FOR ME when I got home last night - and IN PERFECT ORDER. Thank you so much for the FABULOUS PACKING process. It is ALREADY HUNG in our dining room and LOOKS EVEN BETTER THAN I HAD IMAGINED. Thank you again. I COULD NOT BE MORE PLEASED!

Jan & Bobby
Texas / USA / 2012


New York / USA / 2012
FED EX DELIVERED THE PAINTING to my home THIS MORNING. We are VERY EXCITED, and are DECIDING ON THE "PERFECT" LOCATION FOR DISPLAY. I'll send you a picture once it is hung. THANK YOU FOR such EXCELLENT SERVICE, and especially thank you Paolo for your EXQUISITE ARTISTRY. What a team! THE INSTANT WE SAW YOUR "Cascina Stefanono" WE WERE COMPELLED TO DISPLAY IT IN OUR HOME. It is our intent to return to Italy next fall, probably to Umbria. If the opportunity arises, we may return to Varenna and pay a visit.
Ford & Nancy
Virginia / USA / 2012

Thanks very much for your kind email. WE ARE VERY HAPPY WITH THE PAINTINGAS SOON AS WE GOT HOME AFTER A 12 HOUR DRIVE, Saturday a week ago, WE HAVE PUT IT ON THE WALL on the spot we had already decided ABOVE AN ANTIQUE SIDE TABLE WITH A MARBLE TOP WHICH BELONGED TO MY GRANDPARENTS. Also many thanks for the book on Bruno Guaitamacchi which we enjoyed greatly. We will certainly be back on Lake Como sometime in the near future! And we will be checking your website!
Liesbeth & Ernst-Jan
Netherlands / EU / 2012
DID I REMEMBER TO TELL YOU THAT THE PAINTINGS ARRIVED? Its been so hectic here at work for the last couple of weeks I can't remember. I HOPE I DID! In any case, I also managed to get the box home this weekend and open it and I AM HAPPY TO REPORT that they both arrived safe and sound (and AS BEAUTIFUL AS I REMEMBER!A GOOD PACKAGING JOB!
Ontario / Canada / 2012
OUR GORGEOUS PAINTING ARRIVED this morning as we were walking out the door...IT IS STILL IN ITS CAREFUL PACKAGE awaiting our arrival home tonight. WE HAVE WINE CHILLED FOR THE UNVEILING...CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!
Beverly & Terry
Tennessee / USA / 2012
Just wanted you to know that WE RECEIVED THE PAINTING YESTERDAY and LOVE IT SO MUCH! Thanks again so much...really enjoyed our trip and meeting you...thanks also for the book and the "signing of it". We appreciate it. IT WILL BE SO NICE TO LOOK AT PAUL'S PAINTING AND REVISIT ITALY ANY TIME WE CHOOSE! 
Mike & Ann
California / USA / 2012

- 2011 -

The PAINTING ARRIVED over the weekend and I HAVE IT STRUNG, HUNG AND LIT and we LOVE IT . It was EXPERTLY PACKAGED and arrived completely undamaged. What a REMARKABLY BEAUTIFUL job Paolo! It is SO RICH WITH COLOR. The images are framed so well within the scene. You REALLY CAPTURED THE LOOK OF THE EARLY EVENING WITH THE COLD settling in which is OFFSET BY THE WARM LIGHTS.

I WANTED TO WRITE TO let you know how much we love it and THANK YOU FOR THE PROFESSIONAL WAY YOU BOTH CONDUCT YOURSELVES throughout the process. Moreover, it is VERY NOTICEABLE that this work was loved by THE ARTIST who WORKED HARD TO GET IT JUST RIGHT.

Thank you both very much. We hope to keep in touch with you guys over the years. I AM GRATEFUL I AM WORKING AND HAVE THE ABILITY TO to help support your work and COLLECT ANOTHER ONE OF PAOLO'S PAINTINGS. Sorry we won’t see you in Chicago in April.
Casey & Tracey
Massachusetts / USA / 2011


GRAZIE MILLE to you and MY FAVORITE ARTIST my favorite artist.  We are very happy with our purchases. Give PAOLO a big sloppy kiss from both of us.  He MAKES US SO HAPPY HERE IN OUR HOME.  
Suzanne & David
California / USA / 2011

Good afternoon! You must be thinking that we've disappeared from the face of the earth! WAS SO DIFFICULT TO SETTLE INTO OUR ROUTINE! People like you, Paolo and your friend, Pauline made our time in Italy so special and WE HAVE (CONSTANT) FOND MEMORIES THAT WE RELY ON TO KEEP US GOING!

Thank you once again for your kindness and warm hospitality, COULD'VE SPENT MANY MORE HOURS IN YOUR COMPANY! We are SO EXCITED TO HAVE THE PAINTING HERE WITH US. Have been telling OUR FRIENDS and THEY'RE JUST AS EXCITEDANY CHANCES OF MEETING YOU down IN CAPE TOWN OR having you over as guests in JOHANNESBURG? We would love that! Warm regards and love,
Marelise & George
South Africa / 2011
Just a note to say how LOVELY it was TO MEET YOU ON SATURDAY. Even though I had to get back to work, I was glad of the chance to linger a little and I hope not to leave it so long next time! I HOPE THE EXHIBITION GOES WELL and I CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE MY PAINTING HANGING IN MY HOUSE! I was so happy to see you both.
London / UK / 2011
The PAINTING ARRIVED Tuesday IN GOOD ORDER. The painting IS BEAUTIFUL and we look forward to enjoying it for many years. We WISH PAOLO CONTINUED SUCCESS in his career. We have visited Lake Como three times now and probably will again, perhaps we will get another opportunity to see you in Varenna.
Jack & Judy
Georgia / USA / 2011
The PAINTINGS ARRIVED yesterday and were UNDAMAGED. They LOOK GREAT! I NEED TO PLAN on WHEN and HOW TO SURPRISE REGINA. It WILL BE FUN. I was SURPRISED that the package CLEARED CUSTOMS SO QUICKLY. Thanks for making this an easy process. Best regards.
Ohio / USA / 2011

- 2010 -

I am delighted to tell you that the PAINTING HAS BEEN RECEIVED WITHOUT MISHAP  and in perfect condition. Olga and I ARE DELIGHTED WITH IT and WILL AWARD IT PRIDE OF PLACE IN OUR SECOND HOME IN A SEASIDE VILLAGE IN ESSEX WHICH HAS AN INTERESTING HISTORY and a number of art deco buildings.  I AM SENDING YOU an invitation to view a web album - most of the PICTURES were taken by a friend visiting from America last year.  PERHAPS PAOLO MAY THINK IT WORTHY OF HIS SPECIAL ATTENTION..................?

We thank you for the personal attention you have provided and wish you all the best for future successes.


Stuart & Olga
London / UK / 2010

Woody & Linda
North Carolina / USA / 2010
How are you? The PAINTING has ARRIVED and, as you promised, Paolo’s packaging ensured its SAFE arrival. Rebecca and I NOW HAVE the somewhat DIFFICULT TASK OF SELECTING SOMEWHERE TO HANG THE PAINTING SO that IT RECEIVES THE APPROPRIATE ATTENTION AND ADMIRATION.  Certainly meeting you and Paulo and seeing your beautiful house and garden will add to our pleasure when we look at the painting, because we will reflect on that happy (and unexpected) experience. I have photos of Varenna as my screen saver at work and all my colleagues comment on what a pretty place it is. 
Bill & Rebecca
Queensland / Australia / 2010


I want to thank you AND your husband SOOOO much FOR ALL OF YOUR FANTASTIC HOSPITALITY in Varenna. (The drink you introduced me to was great!) Although Nicole and I were able to visit all kinds of amazing locations on Lake Como, we both agreed that HAVING COCKTAILS with you and Paolo ON THE VERANDA WATCHING THE SUNSET WAS definitely one of the MOST MEMORABLE AND ENJOYABLE experiences we had on our entire journey.  HOW OFTEN DOES ONE EVER GET TO actually relax and HAVE A REAL CONVERSATION WITH THE CREATOR OF FINE ART that is about to be PURCHASED FOR ONE'S HOME? It was a really neat experience and it is one we will both cherish.  

Barclay & Nicole
Oregon / USA / 2010

Hello, hello! We are SO DELIGHTED TO HEAR FROM YOU. Please do keep us on your list of any/all events you have in Chicago/St. Louis (anywhere in US). We LOVE THE PAINTINGS WE HAVE - they ARE MARVELOUS and WOULD LOVE TO SEE MORE would love to see more in our collection sometime soon (we HAVE A HOUSE IN ARIZONA NEEDING ART). Wishing you both the most wonderful holiday - Thank you and warmest regards,

Walter & Natasha
Missouri / USA / 2010

- 2009 -

ITS HERE!!!!!!!!!! You will be relieved to know that the PAINTING has ARRIVED at my address and IS INTACT. It is exactly as I remember it and I AM VERY PLEASED AND EXCITED. I have already hung it and it LOOKS FANTASTIC. Kind regards.
South Island / New Zealand / 2009
We have RECEIVED THE PAINTING and we LOVE IT.  THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOUI WISH that YOU COULD STOP BY TO SEE IT. It will be a nice surprise for Jim tonight!!!!! Oh how we WISH WE WERE IN VARENNA TO TOAST SUCH A WONDERFUL PAINTING. It looks amazing. I still can't believe it. Thanks again for dinner. We loved spending time with you and Paolo. We are planning to visit Varenna again someday. Thanks again.
Mandi & Jim
Missouri / USA / 2009
We have RECEIVED OUR “La Riva di Bellagio“ PAINTING.  It is just SO BEAUTIFUL, it TOOK MY BREATH AWAY. It has ARRIVED SAFELY and we are very happy with it…brought back our beautiful memories of Bellagio. It TAKES PRIDE OF PLACE IN OUR FORMAL DINING AREA and is ALWAYS A TALKING POINT WITH OUR DINNER GUESTS. Thank you and best wishes.
Liz & Peter
New South Wales / Australia / 2009

I WAS GOING TO EMAIL YOU tonight to let you know that there is no tracking information on the Fedex website BUT THERE'S NO NEED - the PAINTINGS ARRIVED THIS AFTERNOON. That MUST BE SOME SORT OF RECORD


You'll be happy to know that THEY ARE JUST AS WE REMEMBERED THEM , but we do have a bit of work to do to get the lighting right so it'll be a bit of time yet before we can enjoy them to their full potential. Oh well. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP.

Duncan & Michelle
Derbyshire / UK / 2009
The BEAUTIFUL LIMONI HAS ARRIVED. Thank you so very much.  We are so pleased and PROUD TO HAVE ANOTHER OF PAOLO'S WORKSWE'VE ARRANGED THE PERFECT SPOT for it. We’ll send you pictures after it’s hung. Sunni and I miss Italy and especially Lake Como. We HAD SUCH A GOOD EVENING WITH YOU—thank you again for arranging such a gracious time for us and our friends.  We’re already plotting our return. THANKS TO PAOLO FOR HIS TALENT AND CONVERSATION WITH TWO EAGER AMERICANS, and thanks to you for everything! Best wishes…and hope to see you soon,
Dan & Sunni
Pennsylvania / USA / 2009

Your PAINTING HAS ARRIVED and Tracey and I love it. It arrived SAFELY. We ENJOY the painting MORE EACH TIME WE LOOK AT IT. THANK YOU FOR PACKAGING IT UP SO WELL. Lake Como has not stopped beckoning since we left. FRIENDS ARE amazed and ENVIOUS of our story ABOUT US MEETING YOU both...was ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS of our trip to Italy. The $20 EURO DOWN PAYMENT MAKES EVERYONE SMILE. (We appreciate your honesty and friendliness.) Tracey and I will be able to say we knew Paolo after he becomes a world famous artist! I also met Norman Rockwell as a very young child.

Casey & Tracey
Massachusetts / USA / 2009

- 2008 -

THE PAINTINGS ARE BEAUTIFUL. I’ve been TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHERE TO PUT THEM so that I can look upon them often. I had to PUT THEM IN MY KITCHEN AREA WHERE I SPEND THE MOST TIME even though it meant moving other nice paintings. We loved meeting you too. Likely we will be back in Lugano in June 2011 so will definitely come to visit your gallery.
Carolyn & Paul
Ontario / Canada / 2008
The good news is that no sooner had I arrived home than THE PAINTINGS ARRIVED – IN PERFECT CONDITION. They are EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN I REMEMBER. Paolo, thank you for re-varnishing the Venice painting. EVERYTIME I LOOK AT THEM IT BRINGS BACK SUCH HAPPY MEMORIES of my trip to the TIMELESS and MAGICAL ITALIA. Once again, I AM THRILLED with your art work, and hope to see you in the near future. Take care.
California / USA / 2008
Just to let you know that THE PAINTINGS HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED AND THEY ARE BEAUTIFULTHANK YOU very much FOR ALL YOUR TROUBLE and we hope to see you again in the future. Kind regards,
Leandro & Nancy
South Africa / 2008

The PAINTINGS DID FINALLY ARRIVE LAST EVENING...they were held in Canada Customs for several days but I really don't care.  But just an FYI in case you have future Canadian clients... It certainly would not have been (or will not be) a deterrent from me purchasing more paintings in the future.


AS FOR THE PAINTNGS...FANTASTIC!!  I'm very pleased with Paolo's work.  I HAVE YET TO SHOW THEM TO MY WIFE, WILL KEEP THEM HIDDEN UNTIL HER BIRTHDAY, but I'm sure she will love them. The paintings ARE A FANTASTIC REMINDER of the wonderful time we had in Lake Como...WOULD LOVE TO RETURN to the area again in the next couple of years. We would love to get back sooner BUT OUR TEAM IS EXPANDING as Dawn & I ARE EXPECTING OUR 4th CHILD in March! Best wishes to your family in the coming seasons.

Bob & Dawn
Ontario / Canada / 2008
I am very pleased to let you know that FED EX ARRIVED THIS MORNING with our PAINTING. It was wonderful to see it again!! It WAS IN PERFECT SHAPE - PAOLO OBVIOUSLY KNOWS HOW TO PACK PAINTINGS. It WILL BRING BACK FANTASTIC MEMORIES OF LAKE COMO/BELLAGIO  EACH DAY WE LOOK AT IT. Thank you so much for everything, it has been a pleasure meeting you and of course we will treasure the painting. Paolo's work is wonderful and HOPEFULLY, ONE DAY, WE WILL be able to ADD another of his paintings TO OUR COLLECTION. Best Regards.
Gary & Donna
Ontario / Canada / 2008
Ciao Melita e Paolo. The PAINTINGS ARRIVED today IN PERFECT CONDITION. The paintings ARE WONDERFUL! Grazie mille!
Fred & Diana
North Carolina / USA / 2008
It ARRIVED yesterday!! WE OPENED IT AND JUST STOOD THERE AND GASPED. It is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL - WELL WORTH THE WAIT. We are moving into out new place next weekend, so as soon as we have it up on the wall, we'll send you a picture. We love it! You did an AMAZING JOB OF CAPTURING WHAT WE WANTED. The IMAGE OF THE TOWN looks crisp, clear and beautiful. We both LOVE THE LAKE REFLECTIONS, LITTLE BOATS AND and absolute CALMING EFFECT. The green hue will work wonderfully in our (new!) place. Thank you so much for being so considerate of our specific requests. THIS PAINTING WILL BE celebrated as A FOREVER MEMORY OF OUR HONEYMOON on Lake Como. We really think it was fate that day we chose to "hop on a ferry and ran into Melita and your gallery. Much gratitude.
Erica & Russ
California / USA / 2008

Thank you. I love it! You NEED NOT BE WORRIED ABOUT ED and his suspicion, as I TOLD HIM THIS WAS HIS FATHER’S DAY PRESENT AND HE WAS THRILLED. Everything made sense to him at that point, so I think we are all squared away as far as that goes. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE EFFORT YOU HAVE GONE TO with regards to this. IT REALLY IS SPECIAL and he will treasure it for years to come.


We HAVE BEEN REMEMBERING OUR VISIT to Bellano and LAKE COMO fondly and particularly our visit to your home and studio.  WE WERE QUITE ENAMORED WITH THE AREA AND YOUR ARTWORK, to say the least. WE ENJOY FRIENDSHIPS SUCH AS THE ONE WE HOPE TO HAVE KINDLED WITH THE TWO OF YOU throughout our professional and personal life. We have every intention of returning to visit in the not-too-distant future and certainly are considering the notion of a second home in Bellano at some point. If you should ever find yourself in near Colorado, please be sure to let us know of your travel itinerary.

Elizabeth & Ed
Colorado / USA / 2008
My PAINTING ARRIVED SAFELY today. I’ve BEEN RUNNING ALL THROUGH THE OFFICE SHOWING IT OFF AND RECEIVING RAVED COMMENTSPAOLO truly IS A BEAUTIFUL ARTIST and he HAS CAPTURED in this painting THE one THING I LOVE MOST  – THE BEACH & OCEANFRONT I AM TRANSPORTED to this place EVERY TIME I LOOK AT IT.  I can’t wait to hang it on my wall & get a small overhead light to bring out the beautiful detail. I wish you well and thank you for your kindness, patience and allowing me to be able to afford to have such a beautiful piece in my home.
Massachusetts / USA / 2008

- 2007 -

THANK YOU for a memorable evening when we braved the storm FOR A SPLENDID APERITIVO AT YOUR SPECTACULAR HOUSE. It was very kind of you and Paul to allow yourselves to be invaded. I watched Paul`s ministrations with close attention and have had a few interesting experimental gins & tonics since returning home. AS I PRESS THE KEYS I HAVE OVER MY SHOULDER PAUL'S SPLENDID "SUNDAY AFTERNOON on the Lake" which always was HIGHLY EVOCATIVE, but all the MORE SO NOW THAT I CAN PICTURE THE VANTAGE POINT WHICH WAS HIS INSPIRATION. The "GLASS OF WINE beside the lake" ADORNS THE LIVING ROOM, so I usually enjoy it when I have either a gin& tonic (or a Negroni) to hand. I`m also VERY TEMPTED BY Paul`s STILL LIFE OF GARLIC AND ONIONS which was on the back of the door: but I didn`t raise the question of price for it, so must do that. Perhaps when we see you in September. A presto!.
Colin & Jean
Cambridge / UK / 2007
John and I wanted to tell you how THRILLED we are with our paintings. They ARRIVED SAFELY last Thursday. We LOVE THEM!!! I have mine paired with an oil painting by an American Impressionist. That painting is also of Provence, but of a village nearer NiceTHANK YOU so much FOR THE HOSPITALITY you showed us IN BELLAGIOWE will REMEMBER OUR MEETING WITH MUCH FONDNESS with much fondness. We would love to go back. Best regards.
Carolyn & John
California / USA / 2007

WE ARE NOW OFFICIALLY PROUD OWNERS OF A “GUAITAMACCHI”! It ARRIVED YESTERDAY afternoon at Claire's folks--I RUSHED HOME TO FINISH PAINTING THE WALL [a very light olive green] in order to create the setting for the new masterpiece! & it LOOKS FABULOUSREALLY SUITES OUR LOUNGE. Everyone is giving compliments when seeing the lavender painting for the first time...we'll get photo's taken & send them over.



Andre & Claire
Dublin / Ireland / 2007

We HAVE PLACED IT above our den fireplace—IN FRONT OF THE SPOT WHERE WE SIT TO READ EACH NIGHT, so it will become a wonderful part of our lives. It LOOKS WONDERFUL in the room - PICKS UP ALL THE COLORS and ties it all together. We just love looking up and seeing our painting and thinking about Bellagio. It MUST BE a WONDERFUL feeling to have the ability TO CREATE A PAINTING like this THAT CAN BRING SO MUCH JOY to people on the other side of the world! We thank you for doing the commission and for all the trouble you went to to get it delivered. It WILL ALWAYS BRING BELLAGIO (OUR FAVORITE SPOT ON EARTH) BACK TO US here in South Carolina. As you may remember, this was our 6th trip there and we plan to come back many, many more times! Please KNOW THAT YOU HAVE TWO VERY HAPPY CUSTOMERS AND ADMIRERS HERE IN SOUTH CAROLINA.

By the way--the packing was amazing! There is no way that painting was going to get scratched coming over here.
Van & Bettie
South Carolina / USA / 2007

- 2006 -

Our amazing PAINTING ARRIVED on Thursday SAFE & SOUND.  It was PACKAGED NEATLY with care.  And it is MORE GORGEOUS THAN I REMEMBERED.  It really is!! We are of course thrilled.  We HAVE OUR POPPY PAINTING hanging on the OPPOSITE wall of OUR AZALEAS just where we'd planned.  Then WE ADDED SPOTLIGHTS just a few weeks ago to accent the walls.  The dining room is fantastic now!  WILL PAOLO ENTERTAIN THE IDEA OF HAVING SOMETHING READY FOR US when we come again NEXT MAY?  Let me know how that works if possible.  I AM STILL WANTING SOMETHING BIG FOR OVER THE FIREPLACE showing the Village of Varenna.

Suzanne & David
California / USA / 2006

I WAS JUST PREPARING to send AN EMAIL asking when I might expect the painting WHEN A FEDEX TRUCK PULLED UP in front of my home with the package.  It ARRIVED IN VERY GOOD CONDITION THANKS TO SOMEONE'S PROFESSIONAL PACKAGING. The painting TURNED OUT JUST AS I HOPED and as soon as Vivian returns from her "Bridge Lesson" we will experiment with a couple of different locations for its display.  You can BE ASSURED that IT WILL HANG IN A PROMINENT PLACE and be a constant reminder of our wonderful summer in Varenna.

Thank you very much for a mutually beneficial transaction and hopefully we will meet some time in the future.
Richard & Vivian
Indiana / USA / 2006

JUST BACK FROM SPAIN.  I am happy to report that OUR PLACE IS DARLING, really has come on so nicely and PAOLO'S PAINTINGS, which are not hung yet because we need wire and hooks, etc. WILL HAVE PRIDE OF PLACE IN TWO ROOMS. GORGEOUS in our surroundings.  I AM THRILLED.

Lois & Gerald
London / UK / 2006

Ian has asked me to let you know that WE HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT THE PAINTING HAS ARRIVED AND HAS BEEN PUT IN OUR HOUSE ready for us to see when we go there for a few days at the end of June.  I AM REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING IT FOR MYSELF...I LOVE THE OTHER PAINTINGS BY PAOLO that we have already so I AM SURE I WILL LOVE THIS ONE TOOPAOLO'S PAINTINGS NOW HAVE PRIDE OF PLACE in the salon of our house IN FRANCE AND in our LONDON flat. We love them all. PAOLO MAKES HIS SUBJECTS COME ALIVE.

Carole & Ian
London / UK / 2006

RECEIVED the PAINTING yesterday. It IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!  I LOVE IT!  I know we will enjoy this painting and fond memories of Lake Como for years to come.

California / USA / 2006

Good Day.  It was a pleasure to talk with you.  As I said WE DID FIND A SPOT FOR THE PAINTING. It was NOT THE ORIGINAL PLACE that we had in mind  BUT IT WILL BE OK...THIS TYPE OF PAINTING WILL LOOK GOOD NO MATTER WHERE IT IS, it IS JUST a BEAUTIFUL painting.  Thank you.

John & Mary Ellen
New Hampshire / USA /2006

The PICTURES ARRIVED YESTERDAY afternoon (by FEDERAL EXPRESS).  I have unpacked them and it looks like they arrived WITH NO DAMAGE.  They LOOK BEAUTIFUL (and the FRAME COLORS EVEN MATCH the COLORS IN OUR DINING ROOM - AN INCONSEQUENTIAL EXTRA BENEFIT).  We will send you a picture once we have hung them.

Dan & Nancy
Georgia / USA /2006

I look forward to seeing Paolo’s new work. I JUST HUNG THE PAINTINGS LAST WEEKEND.  EACH HAS SOMETHING THAT GIVES ME SUCH A SENSE OF PEACE AND SATISFACTION.  I SMILE EVERY TIME I PASS THE TUSCAN POPPY FIELD and SIGH EACH TIME I LOOK AT THE PEPPERS.  I GO THROUGH THE HOUSE LOOKING TO SEE WHERE I MIGHT HANG ANOTHER.  I do have a spot for the larger painting that I admired.  I don’t remember the name of the painting but it was in browns, gold and yellow.  It was a landscape.  Anyway…thank you so much.

Louisiana / USA /2006


Carolyn & John
Oregon / USA / 2006

The two paintings ARRIVED IN GREAT SHAPE. They BOTH LOOK GREAT and we CAN'T WAIT TO GIVE THEM A SPECIAL SPOT IN OUR HOME . Hope to see you next year.

(PS) Please tell your mother that the ceramics arrived safely and they are just as beautiful as they were in Italy.

Bob & Sherry
Illinois / USA / 2006

- 2005 -

Guess what? OUR PAINTING IS HERE.  It arrived last evening.  I waited for David to come home before unpacking it so we could see it together.  IT LOOKS MORE BEAUTIFUL WITH THE FRAME AND THE VARNISH THAN WHEN WE LAST SAW IT.  We are thrilled and know just where we'll hang it.  I'll take a photo of it in our home and send it when we have done this. YOU WILL SEE however, that THERE IS NOW A SPOT ON THE OTHER WALL THAT NEEDS SOMETHING as well.  We will be back soon!!

Suzanne & David
California / USA / 2005

WE GOT THE PAINTINGS last Friday! THEY LOOK GREAT!  We plan on redecorating the family room so they will have a proper space eventually.  Please keep in touch and let us know if you are ever in NYC or would like to discover Quebec. The light is amazing there! Have a great summer and THANKS SO MUCH for the beautiful paintings. WE LOVE THEM! 

Mary & Eric
New York / USA / 2005

IT IS 4:30PM on Friday afternoon SYDNEY TIME and our PAINTING HAS JUST BEEN DELIVERED to our door INTACT.  It IS EVERY BIT AS WONDERFUL AS we recalled WHEN WE MADE THE PURCHASE.  Thank you for taking the trouble to send the painting to us . We will treasure it in the years ahead as we remember with great fondness our wonderful time in Italy and especially the Lake Como region.

John & Susan
Castlereagh / AUSTRALIA / 2005

IT'S HERE!!!  Sharon and I had gone to an early lunch today.  As WE RETURNED HOME, we turned on to our street and HELD OUR BREATH AND SURE ENOUGH WE SAW A POST OFFICE TRUCK in front of our house.  The painting LOOKS SO WONDERFUL IN OUR BREAKFAST AREA!!!  We can't wait to show it off to family and friends.  Thanks so much for your concern and hand holding over the past several weeks.  WE HOPE that we'll have the opportunity to return in the near future TO SHARE THAT GLASS OF WINE with the two of you.

John & Sharon
North Carolina / USA / 2005

We received the PAINTINGS on Wednesday and they LOOK GREAT!! I ESPECIALLY LIKE THE ONE OF Lake Como and THE TOWN OF VARENNA.  Tell your husband that we are very much enjoying the paintings and we appreciate all of your hard work in putting this together.

Gary & Charlene
California / USA / 2005

I suspect you have already heard from Judy, but the PAINTINGS ARRIVED SAFELY on our doorstep yesterday.  THEY ARE JUST AS BEAUTIFUL IN INDIANA AS THEY WERE IN ITALY!  Best wishes to you both.

Ed & Judy
Indiana / USA /2005

WELL, WE ARE THRILLED PAOLO !!!!!!!!!  THE PAINTING IS JUST GREAT - EXACTLY WHAT WE WANTED.  It is now up on the wall of our new bedroom here so that we can see what we are missing when not in Cornwall by the water!! Thank you very much!!!!  I hope the wind and rain did not ruin your impression of Cornwall and that you will return.

David & Ginny
London / UK / 2005

The painting arrived at our door this morning in excellent shape. PAUL DID A GREAT JOB PACKING THE PAINTING for travel.  It now HAS A PROMINENT PLACE in our Parlor over the mantel. It is the first thing you see when you enter the room. WE ARE MOST HAPPY with the results.  I will send you a digital picture in a few days.

Claude & Karin
Washington / USA / 2005

- 1999 - 2004 -

Kathy and I have been thinking about you lately.  We ARE IN NEVADA for the summer and ALL OF YOUR PICTURES ARE HERETHEY ARE OUR TREASURES, OUR MEMORIES, OUR MENTAL IMAGE OF YOU AND ITALY. Thank you for sharing your art with us.  Love,
Leo & Kathy
California & Nevada / USA / 2004 (& 1999)
We finally arrived home late last night, and THE PAINTINGS ARE PERFECT FOR THE HOUSE…….EXCELLENT.
Glasgow / Scottland / 2004

IT WAS A PLEASURE to meet  you and TO VIEW ALL OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL ART. WE WILL TREASURE OUR TWO PIECES and will think of you and Varenna often. We loved the area so we will surely visit again.  Should you be in CT, we would enjoy having you visit us.  Until then, we send our best and many thanks.

Valerie & Gerald
Connecticut / USA / 2004

Just to let you know, the Varenna PAINTING ARRIVED Friday, SAFE AND SOUND in all respects, and WE PROMPTLY HUNG IT in the dining room, on the wall east of the kitchen/dining room entrance, SO IN EFFECT WE HAVE A PANORAMIC VIEW OF THE VARENNA WATERFRONT! The painting is very beautiful and we thank you for making it available to us!  ALSO TOMAS HUNG, IN MY OFFICE, THE WONDERFUL PAINTING OF VENEZIA.  So now I have a poster of San Vigilio, on Lago di Garda, on one wall, and the beautiful scene of Venezia on the other.  We thank you for allocating your time and for sharing your wonderful views and thoughts.  We look forward to our next meal and conversation.

Tom & Marina
Illinois / USA / 2004
John & Penny
California / USA / 2004

I am thrilled! The POPPY PAINTING ARRIVED this morning (before your email) and it is as beautiful as I remember and I am so happy to have it.  I FEEL THE SAME WAY looking at it AS I DID IN YOUR STUDIO: SENSES THRILLED, PULLED INTO ITS RICHNESS, SPIRIT COMFORTED, and taken back to Italy, the feel of the air, the softness of the sky (very different than a California sky) that you captured so well, the vibrancy of the sea of poppies dancing in the green of the meadow, the farmhouse in the distance. I can imagine it must have been very hard for you to part with it and BE ASSURED IT WILL BE WELL LOVED. It will probably also bring friends to Varenna to find you, at least I hope so.  Also I wanted you to know it WAS PACKED IMPRESSIVELY well (the UPS FOLKS WERE FULL OF COMPLIMENTS) and made the trip perfectly.  I will send you photos when I get it hung so you can see it in its new home over one of  the pianos. Grazie, thank you so much, Paolo.

California / USA / 2004

I'm writing this note to let you know our PAINTING ARRIVED yesterday (Tuesday) in very fine shape.  MY HUSBAND AND I WERE newly admiring the painting and CONGRATULATING OURSELVES OVER THIS ADDITION TO OUR HOME! as we only saw it for a brief time in your gallery, WE GOT TO ENJOY IT AGAIN IN MORE DETAIL AT HOME. Since we spent some time in Tuscany marveling over the beautiful agricultural landscape, this particular painting reminds us of our trip -- the landscape is unlike anything we have in the United States. I ALSO PARTICULARLY LIKE THE MOOD OF THE EVENING SKY. Thank you so much for your help and attention in preparing it and mailing it to us from so far away.

Michigan / USA / 2004

IL QUADRO E' ARRIVATO.  E' MAGNIFICO! It arrived the day before our party AND WAS IMMEDIATELY PUT on the wall IN LOWELL'S STUDY WHERE ALL COULD ADMIRE OUR BEAUTIFUL VIEW.  It truly gives us great pleasure and nostalgia to sit in that room and gaze upon it. 

Claudia & Lowell Weicker - Former US Senator and Governor
Connecticut / USA / 2004

Wow!!!!  What a beautiful surprise that showed up at our doorstep on Saturday. THE PAINTING IS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN WE EVER IMAGINED IT COULD BE. WHAT AWESOME TALENT YOU HAVE PAOLO.  And THE LITTLE PAINTING IS ALSO SO SPECIAL TO US. Thank you so much for working with us and for specially painting us our own painting of Varenna.  What wonderful memories we have of your beautiful town and country.   I hope we will keep in touch.  Let us know how you are now and then and what you are painting.  If you ever come to California let us know.  We would love to see you.  Thanks again!!!!  We can't wait to return to Lake Como!!!!!

Carol & Greg
California / USA / 2004

I just wanted to let you know that THE PAINTING HAS ARRIVED SAFELY, LOOKS MARVELOUS AND SOON WILL BE GRACING OUR DINING ROOM. We really love the painting, and it was a pleasure to meet you during our trip to Lake Como.  Do let me know if you ever make a visit to Washington, D.C.

Donna & Scott
Washington DC / USA / 2004
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